2005 Mustang GT On Nitrous

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  1. And at last the bottle is filled and the system purged. :D

    My dyno tuning appointment is set for 10-11:00 on Friday and the Test and Tune session at Sacramento begins @ 5:00pm so I'll have plenty of time to get dialed in.

    Wish me luck and I hope to see some of you from the region there. I'll be the red GT breaking into the 12s fairly easily, hopefully. :nice:

    Anyways, here is the final installation pic and the purge video.



  2. numbers look good, especially the torque curve. what size shot?
  3. With my 05 Mustang GT I brought about a best of 13.723 @ 101.485 mph without the use of the 100 shot of nitrous oxide. With the bottle I was able to improve that to a best of 12.926 @ 112.729. There is still more in the setup Im currently running but I'll address that another day.

    My 60ft times were all about the same ranging from 2.0 to 2.1 and I was hitting the button @ about 3500 (in first) and auto shifting @ 6200. I did spin the tires on my last run when I hit the button @ 3000 and only did a 13 flat.

    So... not bad for my first trip to the track EVER and with the stock wheels and tires (@ 50psi) and few modifications. Im making 365rwhp @ 5850rpm and 336ft/lbs @ 5350 on a Mustang Dyno too with the n2o and 274rwhp @ 5600rpm and 264.8 @ 5350. We did notice the torque management sliping the converter so the numbers werent going to get much better without additional tuning.

    Sacramento raceway rocks by the way, for my total of 8 runs I paid $45 and I could have done so much more but I knew the bottle was running low so the day came to an end @ 9:00pm.

    The next route isnt quite smog legal but I have a few years till inspection so Im game. :D

    If you guys want to see the long dyno run let me know cause its a huge file and about 2 minutes worth of footage. :nice:

  4. I wish I had them perform the test throughout the entire rpm range instead of ~4000+ but here is a good comparison between the above manually shifted GT on Nitrous and my auto (converter slipping). Here are the drag slips too.





  5. I was running 12.6 at the track on my stock tires, with that RWHP number I would have expected lower then 12.9
  6. He's got an Auto
  7. Well, this was my first time at the track and I was testing a few settings, mostly the auto's shift points, set to 6200 under WOT. I forgot to let the air out of the tires so I was running with 50psi. :notnice:

    I'm sure the car, in its current form, is good for a 12.5 @ 115+ but I have to get the "kinks" worked out first. Whatever they may be. Im shooting for 11s so I have a good start on that goal. I'll get a revised tune for the car when Im done adding in the go fast parts so I can save some money.

  8. He also had 50 lbs of air in the tires. Dan - Kick Butt!!!! Drop the pressures down to 23-25 and try again. Bryanzstang was getting 1.8s-1.9s on the stock tires so you should be able to drop the 60fts!

    If you can cut a 1.9 60ft that should get you 12.7s!

    I have been thinking real hard about nitrous. A 100 shot would net me 435-450 rwhp! I could handle that!!! That should get me 11.90s with traction!!!

    On a scale of 1-10 (10 the hardest) what would you rate the NO2 install at?
  9. Doing the NX kit racked my brain with the electrical since I mixed in the ZEX TPS but overall the install was a 6 since nobody else had provided any info as to where to mount the solenoids. I was picky about the wiring and the switches so that took most of my time. If somebody used my "guide" for a similar install it would back it down to a 3 or 4. :nice:

    Im looking forward to my next trip and lower psi in the tires. :D

  10. Now that I think of it, do you have any pics of your car purging? That would be sweet
  11. I can do one better, see post # 45.

  12. he really means post #42, thats were the link for the purge video is at....... :D
  13. Glad that you clarified that, I was wondering what the heck a Dyno sheet had to do with the purge.

    Clevland: Great car, nice updates and sweet execution of installation and basically fabing your own sytem. Have you gotten any work if NX is going to build a kit for our cars for people less mechanically gifted than yourself?
  14. They didnt tell me a thing other than that they dont have the correct part. We should all email our requests in so we dont have to use aftermarket fuel rails or adapters (Zex).

  15. So why didn't you just run the full zex kit?
  16. ....cause NX is much better and there is far less purple. I wanted something more custom too.