2005 Mustang GT Stolen from Ford Dealership

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  1. Anyone notice how this guy only has 3 posts and has not said a word past his original post?

    Had this been my car I would never have accepted it back
  2. It's not our car dude, how the heck would we know what the damage is. Doesn't mean there isn't any that can't be proven if there is.
  3. I guess you don't think negligence on the part of the dealer can be proven up either, huh? :rolleyes:
  4. Negligence....hmmm...they have an employee that parks their service cars (i'm assuming that is his job), and he decides to awall and break the law...how is that their fault...he may have worked their for several months and been just fine....fact is none of us know all the details so you can't make a conclusing on what is deserved, and how much the dealership is at fault...don't get me wrong i wouldn't of accepted my car like that either...I would of requested my clutch to be changed, and maybe a free oil change...but get real $1000 cash, and $1000ext service is a little much
  5. I've had to say my orginal post over and over and over...because noone has any evidence of damage....and if you would read my other post where I stated that my original login was erased then you would know why my posts are low...and I do most of my posting at bradbarnett.net....if you would like to see how active I am go over there and look up my name for posts...
  6. Because he is an employee and acting as an agent of the dealer, therefore they are liable. He wasn't outside of work stealing cars, he stole a car while at work on duty. What aren't you getting about this?

    BTW, AWOL, not awall. Just so you know.
  7. [QUOTE='01SilverBullet]Because he is an employee and acting as an agent of the dealer, therefore they are liable. He wasn't outside of work stealing cars, he stole a car while at work on duty. What aren't you getting about this?

    BTW, AWOL, not awall. Just so you know.[/QUOTE]

    Give it up...I have. It's just like :bang: Ugh!
  8. LOL, I know Jade, I'm just trying to understand the logic that's all. :)
  9. I agree with you all this is a dead end conversation...none of us know all the details...I just get a little touchy that everyone attacked the dealership like they are horrible entity. They should of offered more, but the customer's request was a bit much as well.
  10. Nobody said they are horrible people, but they are 100% negligent here, and are liable for the conduct of their employees who are acting as agents for them. Asking for an extended warranty and a new clutch for god knows what damage that may have been caused is hardly ridiciculous.

    What do you suggest they offer? An apology and a handshake?
  11. No. I think the extra $1000 cash is ridiculous....
  12. Whats even more comical is that some people think that its reasonable and prudent to try to blackmail the dealership into giving an extended warranty AND $1000 for something based on opinion and conjecture! Show us some incontrovertable evidence showing damage to the car? Is there physical body damage? No! Physical and obvious engine damage? NO! Flat tires? NO! Cracked or scored rotors? NO!

    If the dealer gives him anything (and I'd personally hope that they'd do more than just a wash and oil change), its out of good will and good customer relations. If, on the other hand, Rockriguez adopts the "Take them for all they're worth" mindset they'll stop talking to him and refer him to speak with their attorneys. What does this mean? Well most likely that he gets NOTHING unless he retains an attorney himself and/or attempts to file a law suit. And if it goes to court (and keep in mind that $2000, in most states, puts the case in small claims court) that any profilt from the case will likely go to paying legal fees. And guess what? He still gets little or nothing.

    Wake up and smell the coffee 199... the best way for Rockriguez to get any sort of compensation is by suing the slime who stole the car; or TALKING to the dealership. The dealership likely has a LOT more money than he does and can afford to hire lawyers to insure that their bottom line is protected. And any legal costs they incur, win, lose, or draw, will get passed along to the dealerships customers so the dealership really doesn't have very much to lose in the long run.
  13. I think everyone here would have been a lot more receptive to the dealer if they had offered to replace the clutch and tires and give the guy the extended warranty, no questions asked. Instead they tried to weasel out of their own responsibility by threatening him with a lawyer when they know damn well they are the ones liable for damages. This casts a bad light on the dealership.

    Here's a little story about good customer service: I went to see the new Star Wars movie with my g/f last weekend. Well, we had a terrible experience. There was something seriously wrong with the speakers in the theater. They were constantly cutting out (at very important points), and when they were working, their volume was way too low. The screen had large black smudge marks on the side and there were these giant black spots that kept appearing on the film for minutes at a time. I went out and complained about five times. Every time I went out there were about 10 other people with me complaining. The manager kept throwing his hands up and saying - sorry, it must be the print of the film! Well, I knew that was crap because they are required to TEST their film prints before they are viewed by the public to make sure they're good. If they weren't good prints, they rush ordered new ones. They probably saw the flaws and just decided to try and make a quick buck rather than only run the film in two theaters for the first weekend.

    Anyway, when the film was over, everyone in the theater (it was packed) was pretty mad. The audio really screwed up the experience and the black spots were distracting as hell. I was ready to demand my money back as were many others. But it never came to that, because the manager was standing right outside the door, giving everyone free readmission tickets that you could use for ANY movie, ANY time - no experation date or limitations whatsoever.

    Everyone left the theater pretty happy - you know why? Because the manager did the RIGHT THING. If he was only offering a free small Coke coupon that expired in five days, people would have been LIVID. They would have made a big stink and demanded their money back, not to mention the bad word of mouth they would get. Instead, the manager used his head and retained a bunch of customers who will buy popcorn and see more movies at his theater. I know I'll be back, because I know I'll be taken care of if something goes wrong. :nice:

    See, this dealership service manager DIDN'T do the right thing. He didn't offer that free movie ticket. He tried to pawn off that measley coupon, and then insulted the customer when he didn't accept it. :nonono: THAT'S why most of us are mad at the dealership. He shouldn't have to be FORCED to do the right thing. He should just do it and be happy the customer doesn't sue the delaership for keeping his keys in an insecure area. For all we know, they could have left the keys in the car!

    If a company will not live up to its responsibilities, then the only other recourse one has is the courts.
  14. You disgust me. :notnice:

    Bet you would change your tune quick if it was your car ripping around the city by some moron. :rolleyes:

    Quit sticking up for the idiots and back people that deserve some compensation other than a 30 dollar tank of gas and a wash. :nonono:

    Extended warranty for sure should be involved, and if they don't want to do anything, get a lawyer involved.
  15. You're absolutely wrong. Punitive and gross negligence damages could easily push his award into the mid five-figure range. The amount of these damages are determined by a jury and most jurors will be quite unsympathetic to a dealership that didn't properly lock up a valuable car that was in their care.

    It's more likely that the dealership would settle rather than go through an all out trial they KNOW they will lose and garner terrible publicity for themselves in the process.

    I don't see what's so tough to understand about this. The car was in THEIR CARE. They KNOW this is a valued car. It was THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to take extraordinary care, make sure the car and keys were locked in a secure area, and allow only trusted staff members access to the car. They are VERY liable. That's why body shops and repair shops have insurance to cover these potential losses. I'm sure this service center has insurance and they are just trying to avoid making a claim.

    The only way the dealership may not be liable is if the person was not employed by them and the car was taken under threat of physical violence (robbery, hold up at gun point). This did not happen. But even if it did, their insurance would cover this as well, just as a bank's insurance will cover money lost in a robbery.
  16. HERE HERE!!! :hail2:
  17. 60 miles is more than enough miles to utterly destroy a car. How bout taking it at 60 mph over a few nasty speed bumps. This would do more damage than 60,000 miles of normal driving.
  18. I disgust you....you sound like an idiot...I've said many times the dealer should offer more than the tank of gas, and car wash...I've said they should offer the extended warranty and fix the clutch under warranty. I've said the $1k cash was excessive. The point I've made over and over is you still can't prove any damage to the vehicle itself. If you can more power to you, but for 60miles of hard driving if that clutch is damaged I have more concern for the rest of you out there.
  19. There's a BIG difference between hard driving and ABUSIVE driving. Do you honestly think this guy STOLE the car and then just cruised around with it!? That he just eased it up to 85???? Seriously, it sounds like you've got waaaayyyy too much faith in the human race. You don't steal a car and not get all you can out of the experience. This guy wasn't driving around and shifting aggressively at 4500 RPM. He was dropping the clutch and pulling burnouts. NO drivetrain can withstand 6k clutch drops. If this guy was going 85 MPH in the CITY, I can guarentee you that the car WAS abused in multiple ways. All they have to do is pull apart the drivetrain and tranny. I'm sure they'll find burned/sheared synchros, possibly a warped flywheel, extreme clutch wear, and probably drivetrain damage.
  20. Well have them pull it apart. They are having so many issues with the clutch already they are backordered.