2005 Mustang GT Stolen from Ford Dealership

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  1. Just so I get this straight. You think the clutch should be replaced under warrantee (Though I believe the clutch is a wear item and not subject to warrantee.). But because he asked for $1k in cash it was too excessive. Though he stated the $1k was for clutch and tires. So how does that work. Cause what I am reading is you think it should be done. But it is asking too much for it to be done.
  2. I think we got him to concede a few of his points, so he may believe it's acceptable for the clutch and/or tires to be replaced now.
  3. Ah, I'm sorry, the correct answer is YES. :nono:

    If the airport steels your car, they are liable. Not because you were using their lot, but because they are the thieves.
  4. Exactly! :nice:
  5. I registered just so I can confirm this. Yup. You disgust me too!!! You ARE an idiot bubba... and totally full of :bs:
  6. Tell Them He Left A Finger In Your Car??
  7. It's amazing. I stuck to the topic and voiced my opinions on what I think is fair to both parties. Then everyone here wants to make it personal. Stick to the topic. I've made it personal to one person because they told me I disgust them, and didn't read all of my posts. I don't agree with $1000 cash because there is no evidence that this money will be used on the vehicle.
  8. This is hopeless. There is no evidence he won't use it for that. Maybe the dealer should follow him to see what he does with the cash. :rolleyes:
  9. ...fine... if there is no VISUAL proof of damage. Then give the dealer the option of either giving the customer what he is asking for... or... pull the trans to check the clutch for excessive wear/damage, pull and check the flywheel, pull and disassemble the trans to check for damage, pull the diff and check the gears for damage/excessive wear, replace the u-joints and rear bearings, check the front end alignment, check the wheels for balance, check the breaks for excessive wear/damage, check tires for excessive wear (for the miles on the car), and last but not least, fluids change, full tank of gas, wash and detail.
    That sounds fair... That way the dealer doesn't have to replace anything that doesn't need it. They just spend more time and $$$ checking the car over.
    Given those options I think the dealer will give the customer what he is rightfully asking for.
    Lets keep this in perspective. It's not a bad $12 haircut. This is a $30K investment. To some people $30K is a LOT of money and a big chunk of their paycheck will go into this car for 5 years! Why should he bend over and take it with no vasaline?

  10. You're right, the dealer should do all of these things, but how would you know if they are being honest about no wear on some of these parts? They could say that it is fine just to get him out of their dealership and so that they don't have to pay to fix it.
  11. That is the reason you ask for cash to cover the repairs yourself. $1000 is nothing to the dealership to end the problem. In a few months they will be discounting mustangs that much.

    Some of you seem to be jumping ahead. The dealer offered "a wash and a tank of gas". Rockriguez countered with "extended warranty + money to cover non-warranty wear and tear". (Remember that the extended warranty could cost them nothing if the car wasn't damaged) Why the service manager thinks that HE is being taken advantage of is stupid. Looked like the beginning of a reasonable negotiation to me. The dealership broke it off and now it may end up costing them more. I don't know Rockriguez, but I would imagine they could have worked a deal to cover the non-warranty items that would be satisfactory to both sides. My guess is the service manager is already on the hot seat because of his idiot employee. This won't help.

    Hey Rock - Any update?

    What dealership was this? I want to make sure I don't take my car there.
  12. I really don't want to put myself in the middle of this one, but I just want to make a point that I think someone had already mentioned.

    I think we'll all agree that you have to prove there was damage, you can't just say, "I want $1,000." Wheter it's warrented or not, it just doesn't work that way.

    Now, can't the owner go to another dealer, mechanic, whatever, and have the computer looked at? The police use this info for accident investigations, why can't they do it here?

    There are so many factors that are beyond the scope of this forum. How do we know the dealership WON't fight this in court. If they settle, they risk setting a predcidence (sp). But if they go to court, the costs can be astronomical. Also, the jury may lean either way.

    I really don't have an opinion on this situation. One one hand, his car was stolen, on the other, we don't positively know what was done to the car. None of us here have enough info to definitely say what the car owner deserves or doesn't deserve.

    Just my $0.02
  13. You guys need to get off this $1,000 cash stuff. He already stated he wants it for replacement of the clutch, which would not be covered under the extended warranty. It's not some random amount he just pulled from the sky. Isn't that about what a clutch costs?

    So fine, give him the clutch and the warranty, and maybe tires. That's all he was really asking for anyway.
  14. Why not ask for a $1000 dealer service credit for possible clutch/other problems instead of cash?
  15. The service manager could have offered that, but instead, decided to blow up.
  16. My wife was driving home from work one day and while sitting in traffic on a two lane road, a dealer employee raced down the road in a test vehicle the opposite direction and hit a Infinity. The Infinity ended up hitting my wife’s Explorer. This dealer employee was driving a customer’s vehicle and speeding when the accident occurred. Is the dealer liable, of course they are! The dealer ended up paying for the Infinity and we got paid from the Infinity drivers insurance.

    I own a service company that supports business computer networks. If one of my employees went off the deep end and formatted a customer’s servers hard drive, our company would be held liable. That is why we carry such high liability insurance to protect us.

    He has every right to pursue the dealer to correct any problems with his car. The dealer then could file suit against the employee to get reimbursed its legal fees.
  17. What's Really Important

    I read a thread like this and see how worked up people get about being wrongfully treated (not condoning) and then how passionate they are about retribution. Then, I think how many kids there are that will go to bed tonight hungry and I remember what is true... "Unfair" weighs heavier in this life than "fair".
  18. :damnit: WHO IS TALKING TO YOU??? Not me. You are way too defensive in atacking others. Get your stuff straight buddy.

    Now, all of you people should just chill out. The "Rockriguez" figure who supposively had his vehicle stolen is new here, and has not responded. I smell :bs: However, I could be wrong. So until we know for sure, how abouts everyone stops posting the same thing over and over and over and over again. We get the point, enough already. :bang:


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  19. WHat!?!? His car gets STOLEN and then you want him to bring it BACK to that SAME place for future service!? You have got to be kidding, man. I wouldn't bring my car within ten miles of them.

    Get the car inspected for the possible legal case by an independent repair shop and then go somewhere else for future service.
  20. Hum... If it were a new car on the lot and this happened in a small to medium size town. What would you expect the dealer would offer to move the car after it hit the local paper? The 1000.00 isn't jack and their offer, an insult. If they offered twice that to me on a new 05 with the stipulation that the car got to be taken for an unknown 60 mile joyride by X punk ******, I would NOT take that offer! What you asked isn't jack. I also don't see why you shouldn't be able to nail the car jacker in court. Forget the dealer all together. While the dealer should bear some responsiblity, I would think the theif is who you should go after really. I bet a judge would be much more willing to throw a judgement against him than the dealer.