2005 Mustang GT Stolen from Ford Dealership

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  1. Good Point, Rocriquez, any proof that this story isn't total BS ???
  2. The punk was an agent of the dealer and probably hasn't, as my mom would say, "got a pot to piss in". The dealer certainly has deeper pockets and more to lose. Go after the guy with money! You may call this blackmail, I call it reality!
  3. If you buy Hot Coffee and get burned and Sue that is Garbage...But you drop your car off and it gets F***ed over by an employee Sue! keeps the Employer on its toes about how it handles your property
  4. Yea but we're not talking an amount of money that needs deep corporate pockets here. A judge would have no problem awarding these kind of damages and garnishing the jakholes wages to pay it. But I do agree that IF this story is true and it might not be, that the dealership has responsiblity here. But this has all turned into a real big hypothetical against a what if a dealer did X. As brought up above, this is probably a bogus story to make ford look bad. Lets see if he has any proof to this story. I admit it irked me bad and that's why I signed up, to respond to this, stupidly never considering it's probably BS
  5. Even if the story isn't true, things like this happen at dealerships all the time regardless of the make of the car.

    When my '05 came in, I was there to watch it come off the truck, I made a note of the mileage, and informed my dealer that if there was anything more than an additional .4 miles on the odometer when I came to pick it up, I wasn't purchasing the car. No way was I letting some eager lot boy take my car out for a spin.
  6. You're assuming the dealer will not make this right in the end, the service department was willfully negligent, and the guy has no history with the dealer. I did not find it odd the service manager balked at handing out what was asked for. He more than likely doesn't have the authorization to do so and he was probably rather flusterd over the entire mess. Considering we've gotten zero follow up I'm guessing he either fabricated the story or settled on somethng.

    If the dealer forced me to sue for compensation that I felt was fair. I most certainly wouldn't take my car back. If the dealer worked something out that I felt was fair, I would bring my car back again. You can say I'm a fool for even thinking about it, but I'd bet on my car being treated extremely well over it being stolen a second time anyday.
  7. The info is only saved when the air bags are deployed.
  8. Why? People negotiate a settlement all the time. :rolleyes:

    One can certainly say "I will release you from any further obligations for $1,000". The actual damages, later, might be less, or they might be more. However, if the figure of $1,000 is accepted and paid, one can't go back later and ask for more if something else if found, or goes, wrong. For example, the warranty is fully voided due to another dealer finding the vehicle was abused.
  9. Got car back.

    I went to pick my car up because I was told by the General Manager that is was ready. I got to the dealership it was parked in the back and it was dirtier than when I took it in. I got it washed 2 days before I took it in and my rims were black with brake dust and I had bugs all in my grill. My exhaust was bent and pointed leftwards and about 3 inches lower than it should of been. The lever on the back of the passenger seat was broken and laying in my back seat. My car had dirt and leaves in the front floor mats (driver and passenger). My car was not filled with fuel and out of the 3 items I took it in to get fixed only my fuel tank was replaced. I don't trust the dealership any more so I won't take it in for any more work there. I am waiting to see what their "corporate attorneys" tell me on Wednesday. The service manager, general manager and the customer service manager won't return my calls or emails and I am always told they are in a "meeting". I tried to find out what the guys name was who stole my car (a 19-year old surfer kid) but all I got was his first name. I am requesting the full police report on Tuesday to get his full name and possibly sue him but I doubt I will get anything since he was working for minimum wage. Once this is settled I will tell you the name of the dealership. I am sure if you live in Southern Cali you see this dealership on tv everyweekend trying to sell cars.
  10. I wish this story was fake. I have been busy talking to attorneys. Once this is settled I will give you all the dealer name, service manager name, general manager name and post pics. Infact I am on my way to Pepboys to buy some jack stands to try to fix my crooked exhaust because it is buggin the hell out of me.
  11. Here is some more info for those of you who think I am lying. Color Silver, PROD Date 10NOV04, First FEW #'S of VIN 1ZVFT82H955******. I am calling the KUSI Turko Files if this is not settled by net Wednesday evening.
  12. DO NOTHING more to the car than document the damage (take photos). You will prejudice your case if you attempt the repair yourself. If you must make repair, get it done professionally. The cost of these repairs become the basis for your claim of damages.
  13. Honestly, i think you should just leave the car on Ford's lot so that they can't turn around and say that the damage was done by you, after you picked up the car.
  14. I didn't want to leave it there any longer because I wouldn't want it to get damaged plus I need my car to go to work. I simply don't trust this dealership for anything. Not even to store my car on their lot. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and I hope they do something about it or atleast that they get another complaint logged against them. They have 8 so far this year.

  15. Perfectly reasonable offer...I'd say you're handling it like a gentleman...your dealer should comply..shake hands and be done with it. If he has issues and won't go with that deal get a lawyer and fry his ass.
  16. If your exhaust is all bent and the interior is all torn up, you can bet that he had a car full of buddies running around town - driving it like they stole it.

    If it were me (and I realize you're not), I'd leave the car at the dealership and be working with an attorney. If it's as beat up as you say, perhaps even a buy back at this point isn't out of the question. After all, the dealership's employee is who trashed out your car.

    I would never trust that the car would be right again after being abused like that. I would also be all over the local TV stations to see if they'd be interested in doing an expose on this incident - it might make the dealership more willing to play ball with you.

    In any event, this really sucks. Sorry that it had to happen to you.
  17. 1. DO NOT REPAIR THE CAR. Document the damage NOW, before you put any more mileage on the car. You should've shown up at the lot with a camera ready to take pictures. Go to an independent shop, have them inspect the car, and get their expert opinion for your pending case (especially on the large amount of brake dust, lol). You may even want to call them in as experts for a possible future trial.

    2. Put all your resources into suing the dealership. They are 100% liable, and if it's true they already have 8 complaints lodged against them THIS YEAR ALONE, you can use that against them in court to show they have a history of doing bad business.

    3. When you find out the kid's full name and where he lives, it might be nice to have a "talk" with him. How you handle that is your business, but I know how I would handle it.

    4. Don't wait on that corporate attorney of theirs! They're just giving you the run around because they know the longer it takes for you to gather evidence and file suit the weaker your case will be! The more time you waste waiting and trying to contact them, the worse it will look for you in court. Start gathering evidence against them NOW. Forget calling them unless you are trying to make some legal documentation that you were trying to reach them to resolve your problem.

    I feel sorry for you, man. I was sort of hoping this was a joke, but unfortunately, I don't think it is. Take these bastards to the ropes and teach them that they can't screw over the little guy and get away with it.
  18. WoW, that car sounds totally f'ed up. I wouldnt go anywhere near it. But if you can live with a totaly f'ed up mustang, do what you have to do. Personally, I couldnt have said it better than the post above.
  19. Any updates, Rockridguez?
  20. Or that the dealership can claim that you accepted the car in that condition by leaving their lot with it. :rolleyes:

    Not that you couldn't easily refute such a claim, but it just becomes yet another issue to deal with. :bang: