2005 Mustang GT Stolen from Ford Dealership

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  1. The signs are put up in the hopes someone will believe them. They are responsible. If you sponsor anything, own anything, etc. you can post all the signs you want, get all the waivers signed you want and in the end you are still responsible. Period.
  2. Just as an FYI - there is almost always something to claim on the warranty - if you look for problems. Take a very close look at your gaskets before a warranty runs out. 9 out of 10 times you will have small leaks on your valve covers, differential and transmission. This is the norm. When things heat up, cool down, heat up etc. the gaskets take the hit. And gaskets are covered under warranty.
  3. You are being reasonable. Stick to your guns.

  4. Most of the messages are incorrect legally. Leaving your car with the dealership constitutes a bailment. The dealership is responsilbe and liable. Those signs are ineffective and are not binding. They are a bluff.

  5. damn that is just crazy.

    What dealership? Want to make sure I never use them?

    He could have don some real damage driving the car just 1 mile forget about 60 miles of abuse. just think he could have redlined it for the entire 60 miles, done burnouts whatever.

    i think you can sue the dealership for something and I would press charges yourself.
  6. Also call Ford Corporate and open a complaint
  7. yo tell these retards u want a new car. even my wife says the same thing. this guy might have been caught doing 85 but who the hell knows how fast he was goin before he got caught. ur car went through some serious abuse. who knows how hard he hit bumps or pot holes. he could have possibly bent the frame in some sorta way. u never know. especially if u dont work on cars or know much about them. a week from know u could be stranded on the side of the road. i think u should get a lawyer and get what u can bro. u got shafted real good. i work at a dealership and all of our cars stay locked and are inside the gates after 7.
  8. Ive read most of this thread and heres my .02

    A new car is what I would have demanded also if mine didnt have many miles on it.

    Signs are bs, if I hold up a sign that says "not responsible if I kill you" and if I do I'm not liable right?
    And the signs on the back of dump trucks "not responsible for broken windshields "etc.. They are hoping the idiot reading that through their broken windshield believes it.

    They have the saying "drive it like you stole it" for a reason.

    That $1000 extended warranty has an exorbitant markup, why do you think they push them so hard? Because they care about you???LOL probably cost them $100? Which as said before may never be used, even if it is, isnt there a deductable involved coming out of his pocket?

    A $5 wash (by another min wage kid with a dirty brush scrubbing all over your car) and a $30 fill up, WOW, were up to $135 now.

    No, they might not be able to prove there was any damage,(other than the obvious) but they cant prove there wasnt any either.

    I really hate it happened to you but you settled WAY too easy.

  9. GTJade is right, the dealer IS responsible for the technicians actions and must rectify the situation.
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