2005 Mustang GT will come at Motortrend's Intl.Auto Show in Charleston, WV 1/16,18/04

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by 2002boss, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. Is that you Frank? If so, the Hooters thing in your sig line gave you away! :flag:

    See you back on the Mach Registry!
  2. Yes it's me I'll on Mach1 Registry everyday
    :D so are you coming?
  3. Today is the big day see 05 MustangGT :D
  4. I live in Wheeling, WV & plan on seeing the Mustang either Saterday or Sunday. Thanks posting up the message.

    Long live the Mustang!!!!

  5. They have a 2004 SVT Cobra listed on their website.I wonder If they have a 92 with it?
  6. I was really hoping they were going to bring the 2005 Mustang to the Portland International Auto Show Feb 5-8, but I don't see it listed. The only new Ford cars that are listed are the Five Hundred and the Freestyle. Damn.

  7. Yeah baby, I'll be there for sure Saturday. I was hoping to see the 2005 concepts more than the actual 2005 production car. It's all good though :)
  8. You going love the new 05 Mustang :D and the display of the 40 years of Mustangs and one of the Mustangs on display is my Azure blue Mach1 :flag:

  9. We have a 82GT with 400hp in the display :spot:
  10. I'll be there 10am-10pm with my blue Mach1 and soon be 05 Mustang GT :lol: