2005 Mustang GTR and Saleen?

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  1. I also posted this in the 4.6L Talk Forum.. (Where I spend most of my time)... thought I should put it in here too, since well, this is were it belongs...





  3. That is of photoshop of the saleen by Rampant her on stangnet. And the gtr looks fishy like in the exhaust and is seemed to be taken off the concept. But I did hear that ford will be releasing pictures of it this sunday. :banana: But those might be it cause it is said to be a concept racer. :shrug: It is sweet though
  4. I disagree. I really like that GTR (not sure about the wing, but everything else for sure). It looks lightened and powerful, and I love the color.

    I don't care for that Saleen at all (good work by the artist though).
  5. Finish painting the hood....

    That is the dumbest, most annoying trend among 'ricers' and it looks like crap. Paint the hood and remove that hideous wing. Where are the altezzas? :shrug: :rlaugh:

    I will add that the elements are added in a somewhat tasteful way, I just don't like them. I didn't care for the big wing on the '00 R either.
  6. No wonder I like it!!! :nice:
  7. I like everything about the GTR, except its looks. The Saleen looks like an improvement over the original.
  8. The hood is painted it is just a different color and oh yeah it is a racer so it has a functional wing just like the cobra r.
  9. The GTR looks really cool. I even kind of like the weird headlights. The wing is a bit much though. What kind of wheels are those?
  10. I think the GTR is just fine for racing. Sure the wing may be a little large. But that's the way it is on real race cars. And it's even on the correct axle.
  11. The GTR pics look real to me--radiator/yellow paint on inner frame, rear tail light, and all around it is just too darn good for some chopper to spend that much time on. The only thing that looks fishy to me is the exhaust on the driver's side and the paint on the wing's fins -- but even that could be real. Not to mention, I haven't seen production shots like that to use a base to start chopping (especially the wheels and background color/shadows).

    If it is, I love the headlights, and it looks as if Ford is playing with the idea of bringing back the concept's rear tail lights :nice:. I wonder if they are realistic to produce (especially the headlights), or even legal on the street?

    I don't like the Keeny Brown style vents behind the front and rear fenders though. But hey, it is only a concept.

    Glad to see my Saleen chop made its way back home :D
  12. I have to agree. That's a lot of work to fake that. Not that it couldn't be done. Just a lot of work. That and I have not yet seen any photos from that angle yet. However I hear we will know on the 9th.
  13. It is a good chop!! Nice work!! :nice:
  14. I like the saleen better. But as someone mentioned, the GT500 chop is awesome.
  15. The Saleen concept, in my opinion, is just not inspiring enough to me. Something about it...can't put my finger on it though. Nice, but just not it.

    I keep looking at that GTR and is sure looks very real. I really like the front end treatment...the open grills and the twin-fan look. It looks open to breathe. Headlight starburst is a bit much and I'm not to sure about those exhausts. Wouldn't sport that wing on the street, but this isn't a street car (although I'm sure we will see this on the street to some level). I am definetely tired of hearing people refer to anything they don't like as "Ricer"...its just a degoratory term with no thought put into it. Would be much better to just explain why not to like something than to just label it with a term that contributes to giving the American scene a bad name.

    I wish I could have found a larger image to composite it into, but here is a small one from Gran Tourismo to visualize it on the track.


    ...and here is a composite if anyone wants to mess with it...

  16. I don't like the Saleen, the Retro and Saleen looks don't go together.

    I kind of Like the GTR even though it is a little ricey. I'd like to see it with out side exhust
  17. Im with you, the current saleen look doesnt go well with the new car.

    The GTR looks good. It would look better without the wing
  18. Several classic mustangs from the late 60's had black hoods, namely Mach 1's and Bosses. I prefer the look of the GTR (I would have to agree, minus the wing) over the Saleen. The front end of that GTR looks BAD-ASS. Nice job.
  19. I like GTR But wing has to go.