2005 Mustang GTR and Saleen?

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  1. Yea the wing has to go. We don't need no stinkin downforce.
  2. Drive it @ 160+mph you'll wish the wing was there...
  3. I'll take the Saleen over the GTR, I'll have to disagree on anybody that says the resto and saleen don't match. It looks better then the 05 Mustang. the GTR is OK. Boomer v3.8-How the hell did you drive it, I heard that ford showed it off as a concept car?
  4. Playing around again, I wanted to see what this could look like in a street version:



    I'll take two please!
  5. sweet....but I'd really like to see it with Vyto's taillights.

  6. I didn't drive it.
    The point of the matter is, that spoiler is there for a reason...
    The Cobra R didn't have it for looks ya know....

  7. Why even have the running horse on the grill? Not even close to a Mustang, cool car though. Maybe it should be the new Probe, or Cougar.
  8. With Vyto's tail lights:

  9. Umm.... its not that far off the 05 Mustang. Make a couple minor cosmetic changes (bumper covers, head and tail lights, rear quater window), and this is what you have. Especially considering it is off (most likely) Ford's own concept race car.
  10. Awesome! Thanks a lot for doing that. I think I prefer Vyto's lights. :nice:

    That is a sweet ride.
  11. is it just me, or are the fender flares on this GTR thing more pronounced than the production GT?
  12. Boomer v3.8- So every import that have a big @$$ wing needs it for downforce when there cars are Damn slow.
  13. No not every import needs it. But is that car an import? The answer would be no. It is a RACE CAR.
  14. The street version rocks.
  15. Damn nice work Rampant. Two thumbs wayy up. Street version does rocks.
  16. ONZZ - they aren't RACE CARS are they?

    THIS is a RACECAR...hence the wing.
    Cobra R, was a the closest thing to a street legal RACE CAR...and needed the wing to keep its ass planted at high speeds.
    have i bolded RACE CAR enough here?
  17. PHOTOSHOP OWNS!!!! Nice work everyone.
  18. How come this car does not have one that big?


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  19. Because NASCAR banned them in the early 70's. A spoiler works best when it is up in clean air.

    Check [​IMG] for a story on the GT-R which will be seen this week at the New York Auto Show. (detnews.com)
  20. wings are good for all sorts of things from high speed and low speeds.

    In most cases they are designed for creating downforce in the corners, at lower speeds and high speeds.

    plus its also got a Diffuser to help at them high speeds, this will decrease underbody airpressure at the rear. helping keep them tires grounded in the rear. Where the most lift is caused.

    man I really dig this GTR,, looks pretty aggressive. looks like it would eat that track up, love the dual fan inside the front. I hope to see more