2005 Mustang mystic paint etc (photoshopped)

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by MrBobMarley, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Omg, if ford offers it in this color combo, I am so sold...:drool: Long live the gold stripes :flag:

  2. another hertz rent a race car :flag:
  3. Man, those look great. But keep the rear tires tucked in proper JD!!!!!!! The thing's startin' to look like a friggin '72 Nova hoopty. Unless that's your thing! ;)
  4. Ive had my doubts ever since the first "real" pics came out, but after seeing the different colors and different wheels, im convinced that all the 05' needs are some deep-dish bullitts or american racing/cragars... oh man, that black with the gold stripes is SWEET!
  5. MrBobMarley....You rule!!! Those are incredible photoshops. I am stealing the first orange pic for my wallpaper, I hope you don't mind.

  6. I hate to jump on the request bandwagon, but I would really love to see a dark blue since there is supposed to be one in the color lineup. like a rich navy, if that even makes sense. thanks.
  7. Grtpmkn, knock yourself out man, steal away. Here's the sonic/dark blue I knocked up.

  8. :drool: blaaaaaaack
  9. Awww man that silver/chrome would make people wreck their cars trying to get a look at them. Man this car is going to be beautiful.
  10. MMMMMMMMMM, I dig that bright blue, with or without shelby stripes. I still haven't seen any chops of the new Mustangs with the concept's hood. I figure that will be one of the first aftermarket parts made to help dress up the looks.
  11. I can see by these pictures. That the hard part about what is going to be my next car. Is going to be what color I get it in. It looks so good in all of them. Its going to be a hard decision.

    Nice Work. Thanks
  12. I think I'm sold on the silver with white stripes. depends on what the real pics of the other colors look like

  13. OMFG!!!!!! :drool:

    I think I died and went to mustang heaven!!!!!! :jaw:

    The pictures you did with the racing stripes are so bad a$$!!!!!! :hail2:

    I want a 2005 Stang so bad!!! :(
    Too bad I am so frickin poor, I'll never be able to afford one!!!!!! :bang:

    Donny :banana:
  14. your the man marley. this shows that its not just the car but the personality behind the car. and this thread has a lot of personality.

  15. Much better...

  16. I'm just going to step in here and say that the proper thing to do is put OMFG instead of what was typed. I have edited both posts and it will end there.

    Let's stay on track folks.
  17. SORRY!!!

    Guess I got caught up in the moment!!!!!!

    Won't happen again!!!!!!

    Donny :nice:
  18. Those are flat out awesome pics. :hail2:

    I'd like to make a request if I may. Could you put some white racing stripes on the orange one, take out the pony emblem in the grill, then bring the fog lights closer into the middle (like the first 67 Shelby Mustangs had, before the lights got moved out to the sides of the grill), and then put the classic tri bar Mustang emblem near the edge of the grill on the driver's side (like the 65-66 Shelbys). I'd love to see how that would look.
  19. Here is my version. This is the car I will be driving around soon.... :D


    So many possibilities.
  20. Thanks again guys, appreciate the feedback and glad to help out my fellow 05-ophiles. Ok, fireman here are yours:



    I like this one w/o the fogs like the 65/66 shelbys.

    And here are a couple reversed white/blue pics with different grills and rear wheel sizes. Notice how much cooler the big meats look compared to stock.