2005 Mustang mystic paint etc (photoshopped)

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by MrBobMarley, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Pics look Awesome! Great job and thanks to MrBobMarley.

    If I had my druthers, a paint booth, fabricating resources, and talent...

    Mine would be a half shade lighter blue that the dark blue shown earlier, with a black understated hood scoop, and either a dark glass roof, or a black painted roof between the rain rails. The trunk lid would be painted black on the upper surface, and between the taillights, but blue on the edge around the high stop light. A 69 Mach 1 kind of a look. Maybe a ducktail spoiler.

    Then, I'll have to pick my wheels... decisions, decisions. I think I like the split seven spoke wheels that are optional on the 04 cobras. Wonder if they would fit. but they are only 17", and I would probably want 18. Wonder what BBS CH wheels would look like... Sorry. Just thinking out loud. Carry on.
  2. Very nice pics. But I'm just not feeling the ones with no pony in the grill. Looks good without foglights though.
  3. Now that I'd like to see. :nice:

    SVT, I know what you mean about the missing pony, I didn't like it at first but I do now. I dont think I like one more than the other, they're both sweet looking to me.
  4. I'm just old school. So to me it just has to have a pony. But yes they are both sweet looking. Now if they just didn't have the 3inch wheel fender gap.
  5. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you....

    That's my 05 Mustang dream car right there. Those white ones with the blue stripes look great also. :worship:
  6. omg..this thread is great...you guys keep up the good work
    Has anyone made an Eleanor yet from an production 05 pics?
  7. Awesome pics, they look so real. How about some more wheel choices and a aftermarket hood. I like the pics with the wider wheels in the rear. Deep dish wheels look really good on that body style. I can't wait for them to go on sale. I want to buy the one that looks like laser red or (saleen) lizstick red, put some AZEV Chrome Type A wheels on it 17x7.5 front and 17x10's in the rear. And last but not least, a ram air hood and aftermarket exhaust. I sure hope they have aftermarket parts available by the time the car is released for sell.
  8. You're welcome fireman.

    I working on something right now. The trick is to find pics of the wheels angled as close as possible to the original's. Problem with that is I have to FIND them, lol.

    And I'm also messing around with an eleanor lookalike. But for now here's a Bullitt. I know the real bullitt didn't have anything in the grill, but it looked bad on this car so I left the horse there.

  9. undefinedVery nice, I don't want one, I need one. What about working in a grill from a 66. Vertical lines highlighted with silver. :nice: No pony no lights and a meaner looking front end. :worship: nice work man
  10. In my opinion, the mustang definitely needs stripes or something to spruce it up. Does anybody else think that the current mustang is a too plain looking?
  12. I was thinkin the same thing. I dig that pony on the concept, I was hoping it would make it to production
  13. the mystic and black w/ gold are by far the two coolest looking mustangs i've ever seen :hail2:
  14. Here's a small mod I made, changed the wheels, and added a black chrome grill, not nearly as nicely done as the others, but you can see the difference :flag:

  15. Bloodhound, I'm glad you like them. I 'm also very, very partial to the hertz scheme. Ever since I saw it on the classic stang, I was hooked.

    Hey torqueIT, I see the look you're goin for, the execution wasn't bad. I'd darken the grill area down a bit though. It also looks like one big ass intercooler lol.
  16. Maybe it's just the angle of the pic, but that car looks like it has a huge rake.
  17. --------------------------------------------

    Yeah, I attempted to darken it a bit more, but then it got to the point where you couldn't see it :shrug:

    I'm thinking about doing another mock-up later with black rims, I wanna make this bad boy look menacing!!! :mad:

  18. :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :jaw: :eek: :drool:
  19. Touched up the hertz a little, and made a vert too.


  20. MrBobMarley, could you possibly take the hertz hardtop with the foglights, and cut it down into a signature pic for me in another forums? Also could you add to the top left:

    "1985FieroGT's Dream Car, and yes it's a Ford."

    I'd greatly appreciate it, the picture shouldn't be more than 50 kb's if possible, and no bigger than 7-8 lines of text. Thanks man.