2005 Mustang on display

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  1. Gary Yeomans Ford in Daytona Beach has the 2005 Mustang in there showroom through the weekend. They said in the paper they are the only dealer in the country to have the car for display, so if your in the area check it out. I am going by Sunday to see it.
  2. Take Pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. dont mean to be rude but I wont believe it until I see pics...
  4. Uhh do you really think Ford would unveil the 2005 Mustang at some dealership?

  5. Only telling you what was in the paper, they say they have it. Like i said i'm going by Sunday -- we'll see. :shrug:
  6. It's the concept. This has been posted before that other dealers are saying they have the 2005 but its the concept. Still worth the trip to see it.
  7. I figured it was something like that, Ford taking it around to select dealers to show. It will still be cool to see it in person.
  8. rob that ****
  9. I wonder if any dealers around here or ny are gonna have it. I missed it at all the auto shows cuz no one wanted to go with me :(

    Get lots of pics!! esp the interior
  10. I saw the 2005GT - it was a red convertable, red interior [just like the concept pics]and from my first impression, they can keep it. Sorry, no pics. They had the hood and trunk closed so i couldn't check that out. I thought it had to much plastic trim, the dash looked plastic and aluminum, dated from the sixties style but it looked cheep. Big plastic honycomb grille and lower grille piece. The rear view is all taillight, 3 big lights on each side and tail pipes coming through the bumper. It also had 20 inch wheels which i thought were to big for this size car.
    The car has nice lines and from the front/side it has a nice stance, nice hood with twin scoop inserts.
    I was a bit dissapointed but maybe in other color combos and seeing it on the street it will grow on me but for now my 2000GT will do just fine.
  11. Yah everything you just said sounds exactly like the CONCEPT. Not the production model.
  12. So using my super enhanced futuristic car builder I have rendered this image in my crystal ball...is this what you saw?
  13. Very close -- the pic looks better. The wheels weren't as shiney as the pictures are and the color red looked different in person. The pic looks like a deeper color than the real car.
  14. :lol: :canflag: Too Funny
  15. Yeah I agree with you...I live in Michigan, and if it were at a dealership I think it would be here first, also I've see the prototype driving around here all the time (on my way to school...Lawrence Tech Univ) and it is camoflaged to the max, so I don't think Ford would keep it that covered if they were gonna show it at some dealership in Cali. No offense dude :D

  16. Cali???? he said its gonna be in daytona beach, thats florida
  17. PonyGrl420

    im not to far from ya im always available for a show!!
  18. The GT coupe is at a dealership here in Kentucky today. At Jack Kain Ford in Versailles to be exact.
  19. Probably the concept.

    I'm thinking the hood scoop will be functional. Any news/insight on that?

  20. Pics would be nice