2005 Mustang or Subaru WRX STi

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by wrx-no-mo, Jun 30, 2004.

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  1. Currently I have a 2004 WRX wagon. Modified fairly conservatively to the point where it can run mid 13's in the quarter.

    But I want more! :D

    I've narrowed the choice down to the WRX STi and the new stang. I don't really plan on taking the new car to the track--I just want a beast of a daily driver.

    The main pros I see for the STi are: all-wheel drive, spectacular handling. The cons are: turbo lag (barely there, but...) and the rice look. (the megaspoiler has grown on me a little, but I'm still not sure--and I hate the look without a spoiler and don't like the stock sedan spoiler)

    The pros for the mustang: low end torque. better mod potential while maintaining good daily driveability, and I LOVE THE NEW STYLE!!

    The cons (help me out here): handling--specifically, in the twisties and in the rain/snow.

    Any thoughts? Do you think the 05's will handle any better than the previous years?
  2. wait a while and drive one, then you will know.
  3. i still dont understand why people think the mustangs handling suffers in the twisties

    it only suffers in the snow or when you powerslide turns lol
  4. I'd say get the STI. The thing about the mustang is. Well it's going to have a rather limited release. And I want one this year. So if you don't buy one. Then I have another chance at getting the one I want. And since you already own a wrx you should just stick with what you know.
  5. Sounds like you already made up your mind :nice: Nothing like a V8!

    Good news for bad weather: Engineers took Four '05 Mustangs to Sweden for a couple months this past winter to fine-tune the traction control. Other info I got from a late-April presentation by Ford Engineers (Team Mustang) discussed at:
  6. One of the Mustang engineers I spoke to at the MCA show in Nashville is in charge of ride and handling. He said that two of their benchmarks were the BMW M3 and the Infiniti G35 coupe. They were brought along to their driving evaluations at race tracks. The front suspension design is very similar to BMW's MacPherson strut set-up. The rear live axle was re-designed to reduce the amount of axle shifting under cornering loads.

    The tires on the 17" GT wheel will be all-seaons Pirelli P-Zero Neros. He said the tire was chosen by working closely with Pirelli for improved drivability in the snow as well. While AWD will certainly have an advantage over RWD in deep snow, tires and a tuned traction control system can narrow the gap. Based on the improved weight balance and the slightly narrower tire width, he reported driving in the snow was much better than the current car.

    The STi is an awesome car, but the true test, as mentioned above, will be to actually drive the cars to get a feel for the steering response, braking, and balance when cornering.
  7. Sorry, but Mustangs in the twisties, especially when they have bumps, handle very poorly compared to other cars, almost all of which have IRS. You know the back end hops and kicks out--we've all experienced that.

    I'm interested to read the tests on this car from sources other than MM&FF to see what they think, and then I want to rent one for a few days for an extended test drive. You guys may not like the reviews from Road & Track, Car and Driver, Motor Trend and Automobile but they're the majors and have a much wider circulation than Mustang fanatic mags.

    I really hope that the guys at Ford have made a quantum leap in handling with the 2005 Mustang, but dang, I really wanted IRS in a GT. I have no urge to own a Cobra.

    The M3 and G35 are great cars. I hope the Mustang can measure up to them, but I have my doubts. We'll see.

    As it is, my Mustang can handle rain but I don't like it in the snow. If that's a factor, Subaru gets my vote. Just keep what you have now until you learn more about handling in winter conditions.
  8. Heck, I can answer that for you right now -- no, it won't measure up overall. But then again, it's a whole lot cheaper. You want everything, you pay for everything. I'm a cheap bastard and I have a fondness for the go pedal. I like corners too, but I find that on the street my personal comfort level falls far short of the limits of my car, and it's ten years old...

    Back on topic -- I can't say which I would get in your shoes. I think the STi is a pretty decent little car, but it doesn't push my buttons, so I am very biased in favor of the Mustang. I like the V8 sound effects, and I like RWD. A guy I work with has an Evo and a STi both, and he says that the STi in particular drives very much like a FWD car 99.9% of the time -- that's a deal killer for me, because I prefer the handling dynamics of a RWD car. And the STi's boxer engine makes odd sounds the more you uncork the exhaust -- music to some, noise to me :shrug:. The downside to the Mustang will be the stick axle, if that bothers you. I've learned to live with it and actually enjoy it -- it does hop sideways a bit over big bumps, but unless you actually drive over a really washboard surface, it doesn't have any real effect on where the car is going. You should take out an STi for a spin, and then a Mustang when they are finally released. I've heard many people say that the STi is not well suited as a daily driver (for most people), because it has a lot of "personality" (read: torque steer, rut-following, crappy shocks (not well matched to the springs on the US spec STi), etc). Two so very different cars... just buy one of each :D.

  9. Another con for the WRX STI: a base price that's about $5k more than a GT. I also don't care for the styling of the subaru. Although, if money were no object, it would be a tough choice.
  10. If cost is a major deciding factor, foreign cars are often a bit more expensive to insure and repair than American made vehicles. Also, turbos are cool but they are a bit too fickle for me and require much more maintenance than a NA V8.
  11. ide prob get an evo over and sti.
  12. Another thing to consider is the ride quality. I test drove a WRX before I got my '02GT and its rally suspension nearly beat me to death driving around Indy's streets. I can only imagine that the STi is just as bad or worse. STi's wing is the only thing I find "ricy" about it. I actually like Subaru's funky looks. AWD would be great in bad weather and the STi's power is more in tune with the Cobra. In all honesty, I would probably go with an STi over a Cobra.
  13. How so? The STi cranks out 300 bhp, about the same horsepower at the wheels as a 99-04 Mustang GT. It's not anywhere near Cobra territory for horsepower.

  14. Who the hell drives their Stang in deep snow, that's what the beater is for. That being said, I've driven my stang in the snow, and managed to get to and from work just fine while many SUVs and 4X4 trucks were in the ditch. It comes down to technique and common sense more then anything else I think. Get a Stang cause they're fun as hell to drive, u can beat the piss outta them while they beg for more, V8 sound is legendary, and though many people seem to rag on them everybody wants one.
  15. it's called AWD. a mustang mag did a comparision b/t the 2, the differences weren't great.

    I hoped you asked a WRX board bc I'm gonna venture a guess and say this board will be biased ;)
  16. Not everyone can afford a beater. I drove my car through deep snow :shrug:
  17. Ahhh, magazine racing, I love it.

    If you drive the Subaru like you hate it, you can squeeze a quarter mile from it about a half second slower than a stock Cobra. If, however, you launch the Subaru just like you launch the Cobra, you will lose to the Cobra by about 1 to 1.5 seconds.

    And for real life street driving, the Subaru is a full second slower than the Cobra in 5-60 mph performance.

    I would call the difference significant. The STi has power comparable to a current GT, not a Cobra.

  18. Or just stay home :D
  19. I've been in an STi many many times as my boss owns an 05. The STi is a fast little rocket (although first gear sucks). However, its bumpy as hell and kinda cramped inside. While I do looove the STi, I'd take the 05 Stang.
  20. Price and speedwise. I think the Cobra and STi have about the same 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. It's been a while since I've looked into the numbers. Cobras around here cost around $33K-$36K and STis are $32K-$34.
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