2005 Mustang or Subaru WRX STi

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by wrx-no-mo, Jun 30, 2004.

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  1. Too much lag and high boost, another alternative though true.
  2. Great write-up, RRRush! I just spent the week visiting my brother who has a 2002 Mustang with a Vortech blower. Compared to my stage 2 WRX, it was just violent! I can't imagine what a twin screw blower would feel like on this engine.

    That said, my WRX handles so much better it isn't funny. I think this is why I keep coming back to thinking about the STi, since it's handling is even better than the WRX. Still, the roar of the V8 and the torque down low can't be beat...

    All I can say is that I'm going to have some fun test drives this Fall.
  3. I hope the info. helps, I was going through the same thing. Wheel time is the only time. Spend as much time as possible. When I test drove the first STi the guy said to go ahead and beat it a little. Wrong thing to say I readlined that car every gear up to triple digits. I did not buy that car. How I got initially hooked was a friend of mine had an '02 WRX highly modified but streetable, dyno'd at 375hp. It was down right nasty, it did have some lag though but after the D'lay slammmmm back in the seat. But there were days we went cruising with the laptop plugged in to the utech mgmt collecting data, when he punched it and the numbers went bonkers. Just Wow. Well that got me into trying the STi for a test drive. I'll say this - the 2.5L has much more umphh without the turbo then the 2.0L. The 2.0L really needs the turbo to get up, the 2.5L the transition to boost is very smooth - essentially you just sink further in the seat. Between the WRX and STi drive it is night and day.
    One of the scariest feelings is how effortlessly the car will just get up at any speed. Keep us posted on your progress. I also really look forward to the '05 Mustang test drive, a friend of mine works at a stealership - I may have to put a call in to get behind the wheel. If you want to start reading up on both, well the Stang info. will be here and you've already been to Nasioc.com. The Vishnu kit for the STi is supposed to be insane, but as I said I may not mod this car at all. If I can be of any help on info. let me know. Enjoy! :D
  4. Didn't think Japan had much of a used car market; is it true they can't keep their cars with anything more then 50k on their engines (Smog Restrictions)? :shrug:
  5. My roommate has an 02 WRX and we raced a few times the other night...

    I beat him from a stop and roll everytime... even when he launched really well and i bogged I ended up passing him by 85mph....

    We raced back when i only had a short shifter and i beat him everytime as well... i have yet to lose to him in a FULL 1/4 mile run...

    stock for stock an 03GT will pull a WRX from any speed... look at the trap speeds of both cars... GT is right around 100mph while the WRX is like 95-97mph

    I can see driver error coming into play... but my roommate is nearly professional... he races karts and is pretty good and has much experience drag racing... he launches his WRX like a mad man... im talking like 6k launches... and im no shumacher so for me to still beat him says somethign about the performance of both cars
  6. hehe....post is 2 years old. :)
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