2005 Mustang = poor quality?

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  1. One of the '05 display stangs shows a ton of wear on the seat... is this an indication of the quality? Granted there's probably thousands of different people getting in and out... but a seat should stand up to that...

    <img src="http://www.bumsmell.com/innovation/images/05seat.jpg">
    <a target="_blank" href="http://www.bumsmell.com/innovation/ford01.html">Full Gallery</a>

    I'm posting this in a seperate thread since some people consider the <a href="http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=498640" target="_blank">original thread</a> spam. lol.
  2. It's still not a production model. BTW you put 5,000 asses on one seat, getting out, and in, moving around, it's going to happen to no matter what quality the seat has.
  3. who cares if that happens to mine that gives me more of a reason to put in some flo fits or something
  4. true those are not production models and they prob get beat to hell with fat ass dirtballs sittin in them too
  5. :lol: so true.

    They're not production models? There were like 8 or 9 of them there. They'd have to be in production right now if they're planning to hit the streets in about a month, right?
  6. Dang straight.. My Stang Leather seats are 4 years old and have just started to wear...Im a fatass and I get in/out of it 10 times a day!

    They will hold up as good as anything else out there!
  7. The A/C and Stereo head unit are exactly like those in the new F150s... sweet!

    <img src="http://www.bumsmell.com/innovation/images/05dash.jpg">
  8. Uh no, they are similar, thats it. They have the same vents.
  9. the vents are the same and the head unit is exact. The AC control on the 150 is digital.
  10. The display 'Stangs are pre-production, production doesn't start until (?Tuesday?) next week.

    Maybe they'll look at these worn seats and come up with better material before production. They would have already done so if that's the case. We'll see when the production models start showing up at dealers later this month.

  11. They've had the similar A/C unit forever. The delphi system is pretty nice, who cares if its used in other cars. The F-150 I sat in, they looked different I thought, but geez, would you rather have your SN95 stock sound system over the new one? I doubt it.
  12. the seats were hand stitched, too, by the way, in early production models. I don't know if the later ones were as well, but I suppose it's possible. They also do not use premium materials in the early prototypes.
  13. I'll let you know about the quality. My car will be the 698th to be built. I figure it will be built late next Tuesday or by mid-day Wednesday.
  14. leather

    You are right. I don't care if this picture is real or not. I am a 5 time owner of fox body mustangs... 85,88,92,93 and 93 Cobra, which I currently own with Leather and 10,000 k. I put towels on the seats when I drive my 1 or 2 mile joy rides a month and can say Ford leather STINKS! But how can we live without it. I am just waiting to order my 05 w/ leather and just will take car of it more.
  15. Sorry to be a party pooper but dosn't scare people when ford makes something new.Its a 50/50 chance IMO.I would have to wait atleast 5 years before i bought one. considering unreiliablity,recalls,and getting vehicle built half ass esspeicially to meet delivery dates. There engineers suck and if they had to redesign there drivetrain dramaticlly I would never get one.I have no faith in ford at all. That seat wear in that pic at the top of this thread is what you could expect to happen to yours.I'm not a mustang hater but ford as a company sucks. :notnice:
  16. About every 5 years a new stang comes out so I guess by using your reasoning you will never buy a new stang. Maybe that's a good thing.
  17. How many Fords have you bought? I and many other mustang owners have either had no trouble or very little trouble. Your attitude sounds a little paranoid. Every car can have issues when it first comes out. It is not something exclusive to Ford.
  18. Welcome, troll. As usual what you say has no basis in fact. Would be nice if you could back up even one thing you said in your post.

  19. OK, I agree that it's "risky" to buy the 1st gen of a new redesign, but like SVTDriver said, it's not a problem exclusive to Ford. Knock on wood, I've never had a problem with *any* of my Fords over the past 12 years... and I've owned a lot of them. I have 3 Fords right now (Volvos are actually fords) and love them all. Ford as a company kicks ass.

    What do you drive oilstang?
  20. So are all the seats leather in the new stang or is it like the 99-04 stangs where only the sides and back of the front seats are leather and the inserts are vinyl and the entire back seat is vinyl???