2005 Mustang = poor quality?

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  1. I got a 2000 Lincoln LS. Brand new model, new platform,new suspension, new engine, new trannie. I had essentially no problems with it. A software update was done to improve trannie shifting and that was about it. I know someone else who bought a 2000 LS and has ~130K on it, no problems, just routine maintanence.

    Since the Mustang ATX is essentially the same as in the LS, the MTX is the same as has been used in the Mustang since mid 2001, most of the electronics are lifted from the LS and the 4.6L V8 has been in production fo r 10 years, the 3V heads have been in production for over a year, I'd say anyone buying a new 2005 Mustang does not have much to worry about. :nice:
  2. Theres also the TSB, and the warranty, so I dont see a reason why anyone really needs to worry :)
  3. I've seen a lot of people sitting side-ways on the seat with the door open. I wouldn't read a whole lot into that pic.

  4. A friend of mine bought a 2000 LS new. Ever since day 1 there have been problems with it.

    As soon as it got out of warranty, it seems the amount of problems has escalated. It's to the point where she hates driving her 4 year old car because everything is breaking on it. Stereo died, rear end started howling, suspension clunked, driver's seat motors died, windows didn't work, and other nagging things. Nothing majorly mechanical, but it was no fun to get into a basically new luxury car and see it falling apart. She took care of it as well, just little things were always going wrong.

    She's about to soak $1500 into it just to fix it up enough to sell it....for probably a little over $10K :rolleyes:

    It's hit or miss really with any car. Not every car of every model has their problems, but you cant rule it out.
  5. True you cannot. But neither can you be paranoid about it.
  6. Wake up and read the post again hairykerry its called an opinion based on my experience with ford and at the top of the post is a pic of a worn out seat thats my FACT you think fords gonna fix that.For everyone else I myself has had horrible luck with fords except an 87 escort with 220k+ and my 90 gt 135k+ which both I got used.All I was tring to say was new fords scare me.If you have had good luck with new fords thats great I wish I was you because I think they have some of the nicest looking cars and trucks.They just screwed me.
  7. As far as the seat is concerned. We have no idea how that seat has been treated. if that is a show car that people have been getting into at each show. That thing could easily have seen 5000 or more people get in it slide on it do what ever. And you cannot state what will happen to other seats. On a picture from a car used at a show. Sure it could happen. But it also could not happen. I'm sorry you have had bad luck with every new Ford you have bought. But to say their engineers suck does imply a fact based statement(Whether or not you meant it to.).
  8. didnt see the other thread sorry =. ps ford has been building mod motors since about 92 and they still cant get them right ps i have an 03 mustang and love it. :D
  9. Can't get them right?
  10. Wait til you see the headliner and visors :notnice: , they are a very cheap looking nylony material
  11. However (Generally Speaking). I won't be spending too much time sitting on my visors or headliner. If I am sitting on the headliner. Can someone roll me back over?
  12. WHAT!?! It has a nylony headliner and visors? Well that does it for me. Forget the 300HP engine, the all new suspension, and gorgeous new body. If it has nylony visors, I ain't buying one! :rolleyes:
  13. Ya, damn that Ford! I want my suede headliner to match my DC's.
  14. You want a el cheapo price tag at 25,000... You get a poor quality too! Well it's the basic V6... But, the first year of a new model's... It's alway's a bad production year's! Recall... Recall... Recall! Probably the car will be OK... In 2007??? I hope!

    Have a nice chonky ride...
  15. Can you please show me the facts you have based this on? If you're only taking into account 1 picture. You have no real proof. And to say that there will be recalls is just plain absurd. There are too many other factors to say what is going to happen to the first year.

    Oh by the way. Shelby did not make your Cobra. SVT did.
  16. There focus had many recalls and before the focus came out they had the contour more recalls and now the have they have the new mustang.I'm detecting a pattern.I owned a contour svt and everything broke on it and i mean everything and after everything broke and got fixed the motor blew up at 57k and I didn't beat on the car it was just a P.O.S.If that car didn't break so much I would still have it.As far as warranties go you might not have to pay to get it fixed but its an inconvience to be carless with a payment every month
  17. I do wish everyone good luck and hope that i'm wrong.
  18. I wasn't trying to be a smart ass, or say the car sucked, I was really impressed with everything about the car, it handles very well, and is very comfortable to drive, and peppy too :D