2005 Mustang Purchase Advice

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  1. I'm looking at buying a 2005 to2009 Mustang. I wanted a stock v6 but found a 2005 with low miles that has an aftermarket cold air intake and exhaust. Would I be able to bring it back to stock? The exhaust is loud so I will want to change that but should I keep the cold air intake?
  2. On the '08's the cold air intake was good for a 5% horsepower boost.
  3. I'd leave the cold air and just change the axle back exhaust to something you like.
  4. The car is being sold by consignment through a dealer so I hven't spoken directly to the seller but the dealer said they have all the stock parts and can change it. Are there any issues with this? I heard that some cold air intakes need a tune and it could be hassle getting a tune back tostock. I'm not familiar with any of this, does anyone have any advice?
  5. If it's a reputable dealer then it should be fine for them to do the work to bring it back to stock and then retune the car back to stock.