2005 Mustang V6 loses power.


New Member
Mar 17, 2019
Kinston, NC
First of all, thanks for letting me join the site.
I have a 2005 Mustang V6. Yesterday I was riding on the freeway running at 75mph with the Cruise Control on. All of a sudden, it lost power. I quickly killed the CC and tried to accelerate with the pedal. This did nothing. The battery light and the oil light came on as well. I eased to the shoulder of the road and cut the key off. After a few seconds, I hit the key and it fired right up and ran fine to get me to a gas station. At the station, I checked fluids and every thing checked out fine. Got back on the road and went about another 160 miles with no problems and back home as well. However I didn't use the CC again until I got about 2 miles from my house and decided to try it. It engaged and controlled the speed just fine. Any ideas on what I may be dealing with here?

Thanks for any ideas.
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