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  1. Sources who have been given the 2005 press kit are leaking tidbits of info here and there.

    Here is what I have seen so far. (Take it for what it is)

    16" wheels
    single outlet exhaust
    no fog loghts in the grill
    4.0L from the Ranger

    18" wheels
    Dual Exhaust
    Foglights in the grill
    4.6 3V

    This is the only info I have seen. I will not be able to anser any questions about if there will be 17" options for the V6, if there will be an option to delete the fogs on the GT or anything else.

    If I find more, I will post it.
  2. 4.0L from ranger... hmm
  3. nice! Im glad the fog lights will be in the grill, as long as they do em right.
    How is the 4.0 from the ranger?? I know when I drove a ranger with on it felt weak....but then again I was tryin to go up a muddy steep hill
  4. i'm still waitin for the next shelby cobra!!
  5. I imagine the tune is different for the mustang than for the ranger. As well as the mustang being lighter.
  6. Duratec is out the window I see.

  7. Well the '04 Ranger's 4.0l specs are this:

    Base Number of Cylinders: 6
    Base Engine Size: 4 liters
    Base Engine Type: V6
    Horsepower: 207 hp
    Max Horsepower: 5250 rpm
    Torque: 238 ft-lbs.
    Max Torque: 3000 rpm

    Remember, the '03 F-150 had the 4.6l like the GT, but had these numbers....

    Base Number of Cylinders: 8
    Base Engine Size: 4.6 liters
    Base Engine Type: V8
    Horsepower: 231 hp
    Max Horsepower: 4750 rpm
    Torque: 293 ft-lbs.
    Max Torque: 3500 rpm

    So, the 4.0l '05 Mustang may actually have around 225+ hp in it. :shrug: It seems they can get more out of the engine in a car.
  8. V6 = teh suck anyways.
    now we just need numbers on the 3V
  9. bite me
  10. Since this subject has been beaten into the ground already, I won't go into detail. But, remember this: No V6, no Mustang.
  11. I would not expect the Mustang V6 HP & TQ #'s to be significantly different that the Ranger, especially with single exhuast.

    The V6 Mustang is a low priced volume car and as i4power said, no V6 sales = no Mustang at all. V6's are 60% of Mustang sales.

    We can only hope that the Ranger 4.0L is a place holder until 2006 or 2007 when the Duratec 35 is in production. We can also only hope that Ford has the sense to offer a "Performance V6 Package" for the Mustang that would include Dual Exhaust, 17" wheels etc. and a 250 HP / 250 lb ft. Duratec 35.
  12. Thanks for keeping us in the light (what little Ford lets out anyway). :nice: Any word on the 06 Cobra or is it to early yet? I figure after 20 years of chasing bad guys in the desert, I deserve a nice retirement present to myself. :flag: Keep it comin.

  13. Ford was pretty set on the 3.0L.... makes me think that maybe the Mustang is going to be heavier than expected. or possibly they wanted to have an engine with more potential.

    i'm not crazy about the 18" rims. it's added weight and more expensive tires. 17" is perfect from the factory imo.
  14. dodge offers damn 20's on their trucks, thats an expensive tire

  15. yeah no crap, but that doesnt mean V6's dont = teh suck
  16. Excuse my ignorance but what does "teh" mean? I can't figure it out and teh suck just sounds stupid without knowing the inside joke on it. If it is referring back to that internet cartoon that goes "all your base belongs to us" thing then I get it.
  17. 18" Rims = :drool: I cant wait to see these things in person :nice:
  18. i dont get it, are u supporting or dissing V6's?
    It took twin turbos to get into the 11s, how impressive :rolleyes:

    and i thought fords plan was to eventually have the 3.0 in the stangs, but that it juts wasnt ready yet?

    Either way, i hope the 4.0 is not an indication of weight, but ive heard they will be slightly heavier.
  19. The plans are for the 3.5L. The 4.0 is just going in until the 3.5L is ready.