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  1. he did it for 4600 with stock engine and an auto, i think its is pretty good, how much to get a gt into the 11's?
  2. No. Notice how the 4.6L had less HP, but more torque. They just used a different cam in the 4.6L for the F-150, as they should have. The cam itself is made to produce more low end torque because you want more torque in a truck then HP, as torque decides how much you can carry and towe. So the 4.0L in the 05 may have less torque, but more HP. I also think that it will carry the torque high into the RPM band then the Rangers 4.0L

  3. It's a 3 valve 4.6L in the GT, it will make about 280-300hp.
  4. Thanks for posting that Tyler. Interesting about the 4.0 V6. What kind of reputation does this engine have for durability, tweakability, etc.?

    For someone like myself considering picking up a 05 used, the V6 (which is considerably cheaper to begin with, depreciates faster than the GTs, is much more plentiful in terms of cars to choose from, and is less likely to have been abused by previous owners) is a good option. Also, if the new 4.6 3v turns out to be problematic, a proven 4.0 V6 would be even more appealing.
  5. i hope it at least will have 325 for the gt model and 270 for the v6 model.
  6. Good luck on the 270hp V6. I don't think Ford has the balls for that yet.
  7. The 4.0 can push it, but you won't ever see it come from the factory like that.

    What IS nice to know is the fact that its a got some great potential.
  8. or 240 hp v6 model and gt model 325 hp
  9. I for one am sort of excited about the possibility of the Ranger's 4.0L going into the Mustang. It means there's likely going to be a trickle-down of performance parts for us Ranger and Explorer owners. I've got an Explorer with the 4.0 SOHC in it, and I've been saying for ages that it would make an excellent car motor. It works okay in Rangers and Explorers, but they're just too heavy for it. It really needs the manual trans like in the Ranger to get up and go, as the five-speed auto in my Exploder is too sluggish in downshifting for my tastes. Even with 4.10 gears, the low end punch is sort of weak, but over 3K RPMs, it hauls.

    Thus far, there has been a dearth of aftermarket parts development, because it's just not that high profile of an engine. Some people have been working on superchargers, but boost isn't easy to come by due to the high compression ratio. I remember a while back one guy custom fabbed a Roots-style supercharger and intake manifold setup for his Ranger, but he had to use water injection to get more than just a couple pounds of boost without detonation. I don't think I'd ever seriously consider buying a V6 Stang, but my Explorer might need a new engine in a couple years......
  10. Doesn't Powerdyne make a bolt on kit for the Ranger/Explorer 4.0? And in turn wouldn't that come pretty close to bolting right on to a Mustang
  11. There are two different 4.0L engines that were offered over the years in Rangers and Explorers. The old one was the OHV, which has some aftermarket support. That's the one you're thinking of. The newer one is an SOHC engine, with no support.
  12. :rolleyes:

    That would be great...2005 Mustang V6 owners spanking pre-2005 GT owners...
  13. I stand corrected.. Nice work buddy :D
  14. Is this directed at me?

    My info comes form various reliable sources. Ask anyone here on this forum, I have yet to give bad info.