2005 racing stripes

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  1. Hey ppl,
    I have been browsing here for the past 3 months and decided to join b/c i have a question.
    I am planing to get a GT on the 2nd year of there production run, do you think the racing stripes are an option like the ones on the MT magazine cover. If they are availabe, what do you think that option will cost? $1000?
    I am planning on getting silver with white or black stripes.
  2. I hope it is an option. My guess would be $500
  3. If it's 500$ and only a decal, go to a good decal shop and have them made for less than 1/2 the cost.
  4. I would hope for a gold set too. This way I could have my GT350H.:D

  5. Do you think IF Ford makes them an option they will be a decal or paint?
  6. I would bet on decal. That is what the 40th anniversary option striping is.
  7. will decals start peeling or fade and/or warp and **** from the sun/weather?
  8. Depends on where you liveand how long you have them on. A lot of the premum vinyls used today. have a guarantee for 7 years.
  9. anyone know what paint and stripe color combo your getting yet?
    if the options available ............
  10. A nice white (blue stripes) GT350 2005 Mustang would be nice :)
  11. A nicer Performance Red color would be nice with white or black stripes.
  12. Competition orange with white stripes. :drool:
  13. Blaaaaack in 2006 and maby a cobra if I have the cash :owned: