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  1. Hello,

    I am putting together a 2005 Roush Mustang Registry, so far I have about 500 of the 2500+ cars listed. I originally was trying to find all the "forklift" holed cars. These are on the early 2005 cars, aka the rear bumper inserts. These are 2 black slots in the rear bumper used for aero purposes, roush quit putting them in midyear thru 2005.

    Anyway if you have a 2005 roush I'm looking to see if you have them (yes / no)and your vin, roush serial number, and type of interior (cloth, stock leather, or roush leather.)

    Post here or PM me for inclusion.

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  2. Update. Now I have about 400 cars verified and about 1800 of the 2400 cars identified.

  3. Roush 05-0823

    Here's one you can add.

    2005 Roush Sport - (has holes, but no hood scoop)
    VIN: 1ZVFT82H755165506
    Roush s/n: 05-0823
    Interior: Roush leather (red/blk), gauges, carbon fiber panels, pedals

    I bought this car in May 2007 with 7,300 miles on it. She still looks pretty much like this one (although I have since upgraded to bigger tires and wheels since I finally wore out the stock Pirellis).


    Since the car was basically new when I got it, I haven't done much in the way of performance modifications other than to add a Roush CAI and a 91 octane tune. But now that it is broken in (17K miles), I have plans for long tubes + x-pipe, u/d pulleys, CMC butterfly deletes, and 4.10s in the not too distant future.

    This is a Colorado car so she spends way too much time in the garage between October and April (NT555 285/40-18's + wet road = bad mojo).

    But guess what? It's April!!!
  4. Thanks! I now have just over 2000 cars but still need some details on many of them.
    PM with your email if you want a copy of the list.

  5. New Roush Owner

    I just bought my 2005 Roush Stage One

    Serial # 05-1778
    VIN # 1ZVFT82HX55227349
    Stock Leather
  6. 2005 Roush
    Serial # 05-0359
    Roush leather interior-Tan
    Black paint
    Yes it has the fork lift vents.
    Vin: 1ZVFT82H255157135
  7. Thanks for the updates, warpspeed, your car per the roush website is a sport not a stage 1, do you have info to the contrary or know differently?

    There were 2060 roush mustangs made per fnsweet, I have found 2055 of them. Many I have i.d.'d the serial number to the VIN, but there are still several I need to verify.

    Forklift holes were phased out on May 17, 2005 around roush car # 1157 or so I believe.

    Thanks for participating, if you want a copy pm me.

  8. 05 Mustang

    I have an 05 Rousch mustang with the fork holes. Its number is 05-0999. Its vin # 1ZFT82H355165518. I bought it new. It did not have stripes or a hood scoop. I had stripes put on it. Its red with white stripes. It has only 27000 miles on it. Its a 5 spd. Its for sale if anybody is interested.

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  9. Nice roush flip, best of luck on your sale, looks like a redfire mustang.
  10. Hey, I have an 05 Roush Sport. Roush # 05-368. It has the fork holes in the back. It has Roush Leather seats (tan), billett pedals, guages, hood and window scoops. I purchased the car used. It only has 25000 miles.
  11. I have an 05 Roush, serial number 05-0475, roush leather interior, fork lift holes. mineral gray with black stripes, elenor hood. Want to put on american muscle 18" staggered wheels (8.5 and 10) but have question about brake calipers. If the calipers are stamped "TRW and Ford" are they stock Ford brakes or are they an upgrade?
  12. I have an 05 Roush Mustang Stage 1 .. 05-1318 .. No hood scoop or window vents.. or stripes.. It did come with 18 x 10 chrome Roush wheels and black Interior.. Bought brand new in 2005 and only has
    17k miles now ...
  13. I own a 2005 roush, 05-0071 last 8 of the vin is 55119240, and by the last count at it was 1999 build in 2005 not counting the later models that got tagged as 2006's cars. and this car is torch red 71 of 301 built that year, i hope this helps you out.
  14. I have an 05 Sonic Blue Roush Stage 1, #05-0925 VIN-1ZVFT82H755170317. I think only 17 Sonic Blue Stage 1's were made. Forklift Holes, Black/Blue Roush Leather Seats, Carbon Fiber Trim, Roush Body Kit with White Stripes, and a few performance mods. 27K miles. Recently, my right forklift insert was damaged (thanks to a guy in a pickup that backed into me). I've searched high and low for a replacement pair of forklift inserts, but no luck finding any. So if anyone knows where I can get a pair, please please please let me know!!!
  15. 2005 Roush Sport
    Fork Lift Holes
    Mineral Gray
    Black stripes (Painted)
    Roush Leather Interior
    I would love to see the Registry. Roush1.jpg Roush4.jpg
  16. 2005 Roush Sport
    Vin IZVFT82h955151364
    Roush #05-0266
    Forklift Holes
    Screening Yellow with Black Stripes
    Roush Gauges
    Black leather
    Would like to see registry .
    23,400 miles .
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  17. I just bought 05-686
  18. Can u tell me what stage ?
    I have signed two tone blk gray leather,18 in roush rims,holes in rear bumper,roush HP exhaust,manual,lowered,beautiful car just bought it want any info I get about it...any assistance is greatly appreciated
  19. Hi I have a 2005 Roush, black, roush badges and decals, roush gauges, fork holes in bumper serial 05-1151 vin 1ZVFT82H155174007, has silver stripe, black leather, manual, slightly different front bumper than some ive seen we vents in side at front 20" wheels lives here in New Zealand with me now .roush charged supercharger\
  20. Hello all, sorry I have been off this forum for quite some time. Good news is the list after all these years is very far along. The last forklift mustang is unknown as 05-1171 has forklift holes and 05-1176 does not. If your car was built after the middle of May 2005, good chance you don't have forklift holes.

    Fun fact: the Roush part number was 401439 and the cost was $124 or so ( lowest I found was $114) for the kit to convert or repair your fork lift holes. The part has not been available for over 7 years. I kick myself for not snatching them up back then.

    Another fun fact: vista blue replaced sonic blue in 2006. You can tell the difference especially if you line up the two cars next to each other!

    I still have my non- forklift sonic blue mustang #1662 with 16,400 miles.

    Maybe one day I can become the Kevin Marti or Galen Govier of forklift holed Roush mustangs! Ha ha.