Roush 2005 Roush STAGE 3 PICS

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by RavenUSAF, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Got some pics of ROUSH STAGE 3's being "Hooked up" with the "GOODS" :nice: . This was taken today, as My car lot now has stage 3's creeping around! :banana: YESSS! I am a truly excited salesman at a large, well-known central FL dealership. If you would like more information, PLEASE feel free to call me. My contact info will be at the bottom. I work at one of the largest Roush dealerships in the country. Today the boys in the shop installed ROUSHCHARGERS in 2 mustangs. From stock, this brings the HP to 410BHP. (I believe this is measured in brake horsepower, but not completely sure). I can always take more pictures upon request, as I am always around 15 or more Roush's at any given time.

    * If you would like pictures of the ROUSH's E-Mail me @ [email protected]
    * If you are interested in owning a ROUSH, please call me @ (813) 777-2882

    I love this tire-shreading beast,
    Robert Quinn
  2. Good news, posted pics are appreciated too!!
  3. where are the pics? i'm considering a stage 3...