2005 Saleen & Questions

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by cabaret, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. Hello everyone! I have a couple of questions regarding a possible '05 Saleen:

    1) Will there be a 2005 Saleen & does any one have any info or pictures of such that they can share?

    2) What changes do you think will be made to the new Saleen?

    3) How much do you think they will be?

    All answers/opinions will be appreciated!!
  2. I'm sure there will be one. Saleen is a small business compared to Ford so I'm sure they can not afford to miss a year of sales like SVT can. As far as the changes are concerned, I would expect significant handling improvements and all of the body part changes they do today. I would expect it will take them a while before they come out with a significantly upgraded engine. I also would expect them to be in the same price range as they are today.

    I just hope the exterior modifications are not as gaudy as the other recent Saleens have been.
  3. There is actually LESS news regarding the tuners than there is regarding the new Cobra at this time.

    Some think that Saleen, Steeda, etc will become more of an aftermarket parts sources instead of actually making cars.

    Time will tell.
  4. any other opinions???
  5. Its supposed to be confirmed that Saleen is building the GT. And may not have a contract with Ford to build mustangs.