2005 shelby opinions...

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  1. what do you think about the possibilities of 2005 shelbys.

    or what about people making their '05s look like shelbys and bosses...

    at first i could have cared less, but when i started hearing about all the people in the 2005 forum wanting to put classic stripe kits on the 2005 i started to dislike the thought of people running around with classic stripe kits on new cars. i dont know. what do you think? :shrug:
  2. i just dont think the new bosses and mach 1's have the same presence as the old ones. definitely not the bosses. and i dont think the shelby's are gonna be any different.
  3. Blah!

    I'm still waiting for my 06' cobra

    Nothing can change my mind nothing.......Unless they use the same engine in the shelby and it looks nice with some side exhaust.
  4. I don't think there will be a 05 Shelby. As I hear it, there is going to be no 05 Cobra, and that it will come back in 06. Now, in 07 the Ford GT will stop being produced because of a federal law, so the 500hp/500ft-lbs blown 5.4L motor will need to find a new home. So it is speculated that it will be placed in the 06 Cobra, which won't be called a Cobra, but a Shelby. The 2005 fourm here has a lot of info on this.

  5. Woo Hoo I've already started putting my penny's aside for this car I hope Ford doesn't let me down.
  6. I don't recall anyone saying they were gonna put stripes on their 2005 if and/or when they get one. There are pics in the latest Motor Trend of a Blue 2005 with White stripes. But I recall nothing about people wanting to make a fake Shelby.

    Besides, Shelby will build a new Mustang and put his own stickers on it :p
  7. 2005 Mustang "Shelby's"

    here we go again :mad: :bang: :mad:

    The old man whoring his name for more money (IMO) :notnice: :mad:

    It's probably true what the above posts are predicting what will happen, and it sounds like an incredible car, but if Ol' Shel' starts waving his magic wand, and blessing more ordinary Mustangs with magical serial numbers, it's Elenwhore all over again. :rlaugh:

    If the above Mustang does materialize, why not call it a "GT-R", or some Ford name like all the other special edition Mustangs?

    My opinions above.
  8. Shelby=ehhhh, take or leave it. The new BOSS photoshop that someone made (somewhere in the 05 forum there is a pic)= :hail2: . Now that's a nice lookin stang!! And as far as people sticking boss/shelby/mach stripe/sticker packages-what ever, to each thier own. People do it now, why not on an 05?

  9. I'd go for an '05-'06 Shelby....IF the sucker was "built up" like the originals were (drivetrain and suspension mods to make something other than a stock Mustang). If it's gonna be "tape and stickers on an otherwise normal 4.6 Mustang", then I'll step up to the plate and call it rice! :notnice: Stepping into the realm of sacriledge; I'd probably say the same about a 302-2V "Mach 1" :eek: I mean really, what was the difference between the above-referenced Mach ! and a stocker fastback of the same year?

    While I'm venturing into the sacriligious; I'll take on "Eleanwhore". It's a cool car except the double-fugly hood and the fake Mach 1 gas filler. What's the difference between that and the Shelby clones? Would I buy one - even if I could afford the outrageous price, no. Rather DIY one so that it's mine :nice: Calling it a Shelby is "rice"; it's a well modded Mustang.

    Long story made short; a "tape and stickers" '06 Shelby would be like a 1984 four-door Accord "Type R". But a "built" (from the FACTORY) Mustang would be really cool.

    Still Dreamin'
  10. when was the last GT 350 made.... if you said 1970,,, wrong,, remember the 1984 Anniversary Mustangs that were labeled GT 350's. They were white with red interiors and red rocker panel stripes.. Seeing Fords history in that area, one could only guess another stripe kit and a strong dealer mark up program.. Totally expecting mediocrity
  11. OK, I have to ask about this. What federal law exactly is it that will put an end to the GT name in 07? Yet still allow the same specs on a car named something other than GT like Cobra or Shelby? :shrug:

    BTW, I'd bet there will be an 06' Shelby now that he and ford have fallen into bed again. I have little doubt of that, whether it is worthy of the name is the only question in my mind.
  12. The Ford GT he was referring to was the GT(40). It will be discontinued due to Federal mandates for emmissions and crash testing.

    The Mustang GT will however live on just as it always has.
  13. I took a look at a new Cobra at the dealer the other day while I was getting service on my Taurus... The doors slam like a 1970 Dodge Challenger (not real solid) and the interior seemed a bit too plastic.. I was surprised that a $36+K car didn't feel a little more solid. I need to go back for a roadtest, I didn't have time. I'm sure it must fly.
  14. I'm keeping my '97 Cobra until the '06 is available, then I'm trading up :D
  15. me pesonally, i will be getting a dark blue one with the deluxe black interior and if there is not an option for it i will take it to my painter and have the hood, taillight panel and probabaly the rear spoiler painted black so it will match the 69 GT, and hopefully someone will make one of those woodgrain kits for the dash so i can have a matching interior as well. i just wish they would make a true coupe as well as the fastback, that way they would be really matching. i know it's not very creative but i think it would be cool
  16. Im trying to talk the wife into giving up her suv for a 05 gt. If a Shelby is available and I can swing it(I doubt it) you bet Im going to buy it.Im meeting some resistance from the wife but its not 05 yet.
  17. I just got the new Car and Driver, Hot Rod, and Motor Trend all of which have the new design for the 2005 mustang on the cover, and my reaction... What the hell are the ford designers thinking! The 2005 concept was a beutiful peice of work, the styling was dead on nice. Now its fugly IMO.

    This is what it was going to look like, with the sleak stylings of the 68 shelby



    Now they erased the hood scoops, chopped off a few inches from the front, destroyed any possible resemblance to a 68 Shelby. The front end now looks exactly like a 71-73 mustang, which is nice, but doesn’t complement the rest of the car at all. They added what looks like Shelby gt350 "r" windows, witch is nice, but they made the rear view mirrors look horrid, they killed the look of the tail lights, and the wheels they propose on the GT are butt ugly. The wheels on the v6 version are really nice however; they look just like the elanor/shelby wheels.

    sorry for the rant im just pissed, atleast now i can buy a 2004 at a huge factory discount at the end of next year with out being disapointed.

    new pics


    v6 16" wheels

    sorry for the rant just my opinion
  18. i thought they stayed really true to the concept, but understand that due to safety laws, pricing, etc. not everything you see on the concept will show up in production. i think the '05 tries too hard to be something it cant possibly be, IMHO
  19. On the contrary, I think the 05 had every opportunity to be both awesome and different. Quick! Someone get a patent on the 05 hood with the twin scoops like the concept had.

    By the way, went to the LA autoshow yesterday--very poor showing from Ford.
    No 05 concept car.
    No 05 production car.
    No Forty Nine.
    No other big 4 door beast of a concept that was at the Anaheim show, but I can't remember the name.
    Just a lame Focus hydrogen concept.

    The Ford spokeshole at the show said that they would unveil the 05 at the LA show Monday or Tuesday, after it debuts at the Detroit show. She said there weren't enough cars to go around to Detroit, Los Angeles, and San Diego, all on the same weekend.

    Bull****! :mad: :mad:
  20. Don't complain. The actual production model looks 100 times better than the concept model. Ford got it right this time!