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  1. Thats what you get for being in Granola country (fruits nuts and flakes). In a few years you may have to give up your internal combustion engine for an electric or at least a hybrid :eek:
  2. For those who are ranting and whining that Ford "ditched" the concept's hood, and taillamps, and scoops, etc.etc.etc....Think, just calm down and think for a second. Has it occurred to anybody that the concept is in actuallity a very very blatant glimpse at what a (if they make it) future Shelby version of the new Mustang WOULD BE?? The concept SCREAMS Shelby, so why would they waste all those styling cues on the GT rather than saving them for the Shelby?? The twin-scoop hood has absolutely no heritage with the GT, the taillamps have absolutely no heritage with the GT, and same for the side scoops, and the larger grille opening that extends under the bumper on the concept. I like the new GT, it looks like a GT, it's exactly what a GT should be. Clean, uncluttered, purposeful and classy. A true GT. If you like the concept better, then start saving your nickels because you'll have to pony up for a Shelby to get 'em, at least that's my prediction. I predict that we've all been staring and lusting at the future Shelby ever since the concept was made public, without realizing it, thinking that what we were looking at it would be the new GT. The '68 Shelby gaping-mouth front end, the front-mounted twin-snout hood, the wide sequential taillamps, the side scoops and the reverse scoop on the C-pillar, NO BACK SEAT, instead a full-sized spare strapped behind the driver, the bigger wheels, the lower stance, doesn't it all make perfect sense? The concept "GT" is actually the future SHELBY, at least probably darned close. Why else do you think they would have dumped so much design and development effort into the concept for all that Shelby-esque content? And, what about the convertible concept?? It's got a roll bar......SHELBY CONVERTIBLE. It seems so obvious to me, am I dreaming here, or is everybody else sleeping at the wheel? :shrug:
  3. Personally, I like the 05. I Kind of liked the concept front end better than the production front end though. Thank GOd that ugly hood is gone though. The concept reminded me of what a 68 mustang and a BMW would look like if they had children!

    I WILL be ordering an 05 GT AS SOON as they come out this year...it WILL be white with black interior. As for stripes...I have a 66 that is being painted white(possibly the same color white ford is going to use on the 05) with blue stripes and has 17" chrome bullets. I am seriously considering having the same color stripes painted on the 05 and swapping the wheels to 17" chrome bullets....matching cars (kind of)..Opinions are welcome.
  4. No, you are not alone, you just beat me to it. That was my exact thought process and the launch of the production photo's I think answer this posts original question exactly, yes there will be future Shelby's, no doubt what so ever now. Shelby had always been the testing ground for future Mustang production anyway and the absence of almost every single Shelby styling cue from the transfer of prototype to production is like money in the bank, especially with a new Cobra roadster in the works as well. Being involved in a design to manufacturing job myself, I honestly don't think it is that watered down considering how loaded the proto was, and this car is far closer than say the 94 mach proto was. Few industries can deliver manufacturable designs to production that are like the proto's and still cost effective. Either all materials get cheapened or several details fall to the side but there is no way that proto was designed to the target cost or they suddenly decided to increase their profit margin, it just doesn't work that way. Besides, consider that some of the very first aftermarket goodies to come out of the gate are more than likely going to be body add ons with ground effects and chin spoilers and scoops and the like anyway so people will be able to customize the exterior any way they want but the interior will be almost totally custom made to order right from the factory and the horsepower will also be decent considering the price tag. I see why many may be disappointed, I was a little at first too, but I really think with all considered there is still a lot of car there for the money.

  5. :bs: If copying the front of a BMW, a side of MB and a rear of A 350ZX.
    Getting it right, :shrug:

    They are still running behind. Check out the new GTO's.
    500 hp and some singled out styles.


  6. 500HP? Where did you get that? :shrug:
    GTO singled out styles?
    It looks like a Pontiac, which isn't all that great these days, a J-body and an Opel.
  7. Sorry for hijacking the thread, but this is the first time I've seen Ron Jeremy's sig, hahaha and this cracks me up.

    "And NO, I don't speak Spanish. This is America. Speak English!"

    Why should someone in America speak english? Shouldn't they speak American?
  8. :rolleyes:
    Huh???? The rear of a 350Z is totally rounded, and has taillamps that run vertical up the 1/4's. The side of WHAT Mercedes are you talking about?? Front of a Bimmer? I swear, that hallucinagenic drugs are making a comeback... I think I could post a picture of a Blue Bird school bus on here as the next '05 Mustang, and people would be screaming "It looks like a BMW up front, an MB on the side, and a 350Z in back" . :rolleyes: It's hopeless...
  9. I'm not saying I agree, but how can their possibly only be one opinion on what it is simillar to? :shrug: I always thought the whole point of an opinion was that it is individual and unique from a persons perspective. If you both look at an inkblot and PA sees a butterfly but you see Pamela Andersons coochie instead, is he wrong or do you just spend too much time watching ****? How many people do we hobbiests run into every day that can't even tell a 64' from a 74' for pete's sake. :rolleyes: Yet a knowledgable person like PA gets berated for his take on it? This type of stuff seams to me to be the truly hopelss cause around here some times. Of course, that is just IMHO, so I am sure I'll get my behind chewed off for it since I will likely be wrong if so much as one person disagrees with me. :rolleyes:
  10. ford can do whatever they want with the 2005 or 6 or 10. still won't be a real boss or shelby. i don't know why they feel the need to chase after the old images. back in the 60's they came up with something new and awesome, something that is still revered today. why don't they try something novel today, as they did back then and set a trend, rather than copying an old trend. some of the new striping is silly. (easy ricks, that's just my opinion)

    btw, if they came out with a boss in 2005 that looked exactly like a 69 or 70 boss, i would want it.
  11. Hey Pakrat what do you mean you don't agree with me, hope you have you iron undies on. :rlaugh:

    As this thread ask's for opinions, everyone who replys is entitled to theirs.
    :shrug: maybe I was spending to much time swigging that Dot3, :p
    But that's what I see and Ford has been following the crowd for sometime.
    Just look at their NEW truck line, Dodge front and Chevy rear.
    NO not an exact match but along the same body lines rolled into one.

    And this Opinion come from a FORD Fan, that has had Ford's from the time I got my drivers permit. :flag:

    So go ahead Flame away, I'm wearing my Fire Suit and retardent undies too.

  12. My apologies, it was really the 350Z comparison that had me scratching my head, but I shouldn't have been so harsh. But I'm still lost on that. My mom just bought a brand new 350Z touring, repleat with "NISMO" performance stainless exhaust system, and NISMO 6-speed shift knob. Pretty trick for a 61-year-old lady!!! (of course a '67 GTO H.O. 4-speed and then a '68 GT500KR were her daily drivers when I was a little squirt). Anyhoo, there's not even a faint resemblance IMHO, which I don't think I'm out of line saying. If I say the new Mustang looks just like a Diamond Jubilee tractor, you guys are more than welcome to say I've got a screw loose. I can take it. :) [​IMG]
  13. Whether a shelby is available or not, I'd rock this stang in a heartbeat.


  14. Those are awesome photochops, did you do them?

    I can kinda see the nissan comment mainly because of the sloping rear window. but if you also look the classic FB also had that same slope. I can tell you this, i will be at teh ford dealership the first day tehse cars are released to test drive them. But I will wait till the 06 cobra to come out for two reasons, I'll have the time to be able to pay cash for the car, and be older so insurance doesn't kill me to the tune of $900 a month (which is almost what a 04GT would cost me in insurance even with no accidents in 3 years and no tickets at all).
  15. Yup sure did, a ton more here.

    I agree with you on the insurance thing, if you don't wait you're gonna get raped. That's why I'm gonna wait too.
  16. Wow, nice chops indeed. :nice: How about showing me one of the white with the Guardsman blue LeMans stripes? I may have to fool around with the Mach concept myself this weekend. I'd kinda like to try and pop a shaker scoop on there or something. Id also like to fool around with scoops for the quarters and maybe some type of retro slats or scoop for the quarter windows too.
  17. [​IMG]


    These were on page 2 dunno if you saw them or not. I know its not guardsman blue, but I'm kinda burned out on the chops for today. I'll probably knock one up for ya later.
  18. That is exactly what Ford was thinking in the late '80s when they designed the "new" Mustang. I don;t know if you are old enough to remember but there was an uproar and many of use signed petitions and wrote letters to Ford telling them that the Mustang was and always should be rear wheel drive, front V8, and inexpensive. So they took the "new" Mustang with all the high tech stuff and new designs and called it a Probe. We all know where that ended up.

    Ford is being true to the roots of the Mustang, as long as they don't try to take it upscale and make it compete with a Vette then they are bing true to the legend of the marque and keeping the worlds first (and now only) "pony" car around for a new generation of enthusiasts.
  19. :mad: Geez, lazy azz, you could of at least color keyed the mirrors. :stick: (J/K man, thanks.) I guess I did miss those on page 2, sorry. Looks slick. I really kind of like the light placement in the middle ala 67'.