2005 stock dyno numbers 279rwhp 300TQ

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  1. Huh, maybe cause it's not the same car :shrug:

  2. You realize tim drives a mach 1 right?
  3. so 279 rwhp= over 300 at the crank right?
  4. I think for a manual transmission you take the rwhp X 1.15 which would give this car 321 horsepower at the crank!! :banana: :banana:
  5. nice :D i cant wait to get one. this will be my first non 4 cly car.
  6. Yup...more like 320hp on a manual car. I have to attribute the increased power over the Mach I to the variable cam timing system. After all, the Mach 4V heads flow about 10% more than the 3V GT heads. I'd love to see what a 4V car with variable cam timing could do... :nice:

    Remember in all this talk about changing A/F ratios, that we're talking about a car tuned to run REGULAR 87 OCTANE gas. If you keep the timing the same, and tune to A/F for optimal power, you WILL need to run 91/93 octane to avoid detonation in these cars.

    Not a huge concern for most of us, but something to keep in mind. :flag:
  7. Yes, but he doesn't post much on the Registry. He's in bussiness and this is his new product. He'll buy a new car so he can play with it and make money on the Aftermarket. I'd say it's a good chance theses cars are part of his business and it's a right off for him. There will be tons of GT's to make money off of and few 03/04 special mustangs.

    Like I said the proof will be at the track and not on a dyno. I didn't see if those dyno's were run back to back. I bet not. The dyno's calibrations and conditions will affect reading rather they are SAE or not. Dyno's don't tell you much except for tuning IMO. Looks like if that's his car he got a very weak one.

    Here's some stock dyno's in my area, a couple of us had a K&N the other 2 were bone stock.

    http://www.tulsadyno.com/customers/Gallery_Browser.php?path=./Cars and Trucks/Ford/Mustang Mach-1/
  8. You also realized he has dynoed MANY mach 1's and still says its more than ANY mach 1 he has dynoed right?
  9. You are more than welcome to the mach1registry.com to see all the dynos we have of stock mach1's. you would see how many of them were making only 269rwhp.... Also, i won't be talking about mach 1 power just because Tim said he has dynoed tons of mach 1's..., and he hasn't seen any one putting out better numbers. come on, see for yourself, there is no secret behind the power of a mach 1. :)

  10. Yes of course you are right. A guy that dynoes many mach 1's in his shop and dynoes a 05 at the same location on the same machine isnt an accurate representation.

    It would be much better to compare his 05 dyno to a mach 1 dynoed on the other side of the country on a different machine.

    This is a direct comparison at the same shop. What better comparison do you want? How could you take any more variables out? Its not one 2005 to one mach 1, its one 05 to every mach 1 he has dynoed. Of course you can find a dyno of a mach 1 from a different shop, on a different day, on a different machine and a shop that hasnt dynoed a 05 and think that that would be a better comparison? Going to the mach 1 registry and comparing the dynoes there to the ones at T&J would be more accurate? Thats good science.

    No one is saying thew mach 1's suck. People are just pointing out that the base GT now produces mach level power. Thats a good thing for everyone. Dont get all threatened.

    Maybe you can hunt the net and find the highest mach 1 on a dynojet from sea level on a 50 degree day and the lowest 2005 on a mustang dyno from 6000 feet on a 90 degree day and compare them to make yourself feel better. :nice:
  11. oh ok, i see your point now hahahaha, i don't need to hunt the net for the highest mach 1 on a dynojet from sea level on a 50 degree day or for the lowest 05 mustang GT. there is no need for that, you didn't get my point :)
    people would believe what they want to believe :), fine, would see later on...
  12. The Mach 1 faithful sure get touchy about the new '05 Mustang GT wearing the 4.6 N/A crown! :D :stick:

    LOL, j/k!

  13. not for long. he's selling it and getting an 05 Mustang GT. no joke.
  14. **shudders in rememberance of the flaming I got by people on the Mach 1 registry early this year when I asked an innocent question regarding the comparable Mach and 05 performance before the numbers came out**

    Nah they aren't touchy at all.
  15. I guess some of you think all Mach people are "haters", no not really I've seen the GT so far get beat on all 3 threads without spectatular times. A GTO (modded), A mach 3 times on Brads site (maybe driver), and a street encounter on the Registry. None of these tell me much yet, much less one dyno. I don't hate this platform or Mustangs but I do want to know what this platform can deliver. We haven't seen a bunch of post on races yet. Look at an Fbody dynos, we don't have a chance by them but we do, I've beat 3 late models. I share your hopes but wait Tim is a salesman and like the gold bullion dealers he'll tell you it's the best out there since it's his future.....JMO

    When Smith or some other good driver gets ahold of one and puts it in the low 13's (like several Mach's) then you can say you have something. Until then it's wait and see, most of these cars top speed through the traps are 99-102mph with the mach's 102-107mph. That tells me our motors are doing just fine. The new tech traction is better.

    I'm more interested in the platform for the next LE cars they make with the new suspension, 2 1/2 inch exhaust, and 31 spine forged rear axles the new platform has a lot of advantages for building a car up starting at the motor.

    I don't see the 05's getting much HP out of exhaust mods unless the mid pipe is constrictive which I doubt. I think your going to find out like we did the boltons aren't like they were with the 99-04 GT's and this car probally even less than the Mach.

    Bottom line we all love our cars and I love the 05 too but I will never buy another GT there's just too many out there after a few years and the Mach will never have more the 16k so it's special to me. If power and speed were king with me you can tell by my sig. I could have had 2 late model Cobra's. :flag:

  16. The guy that dynoed the car, tested numerous Machs on the same dyno and you still don't feel that is scientific enough. Your car made nearly the same hp and tq as this car that was tested. Steeda dynoed a 05 too and got 275 rwhp, seems pretty accurate to me. Thats a small percentage of difference btw the two cars. Both cars put down nearly the same power, weigh nearly the same, and have the same gearing. It's going to be a drivers race, no doubt about it.
  17. No Joke

    Just got my new 05 !!! it is bone stock and still throws me back in the seat like my first 65fastback. The old car had nitros and everything else I could afford to throw at it and still would not have held its own against this car. Not to mention the fact that :nice: I can't wait to tear into it and see what it will do. I think 400 hp is very reachable and still keep it a good daily driver. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get my wife out of the drivers seat long enough to start tinkering with it.
    This really is the best car FORD has built in at least 25 years. :nice:
  18. I guess many of the first time Mustang buyers or those so excited the new car is out and I own one are missing the points so many of us long term Mustang buyers have. I've had 7 Mustangs, 2 were in the 60's, I'm not your first time buyer and this won't be my last if Ford treats me right. Here's the major issue with me and many of us that your trying to make out like we're pissed.

    I've seen times on these cars and the best so far isn't anything special. The auto GT that ran a 13.6 and Mach auto has done better than that but it's not typical. For a car running that kind of HP they should be blowing away a Mach since they are only going 99-102 through the traps. Think of it this way, what if the GT engine is equal or some supper engine, what does that mean for us long term Mustang buyers? It means this platform is a TOTAL FLOP! I pray this car is getting it's times with improved traction for the sake of us Mustang fans, because if it's motor it isn't doing any better hooking than the 35 year old fox bodies.

    If the dynos are correct yes Tim can make close to 300RWHP just like the Mach that made 299RWHP with an EFI tuning solutions tune on Mach1.org, which most are mid 290's. But the future of the Mustang isn't as bright as I want if the facts come in this way. I say save your 27k and buy an 04 Cobra because it's a better deal. JMO
  19. I dont think anyone is saying or implying that the mach is slow. Its a great car with great numbers. The whole point of this thing, as I have been saying over and over, is that ford has produced a base 2005 GT that produces some great numbers. Ever since ford over rated the cobra they have been very conservative with the horsepower estimates of the mustang.

    Myself I would still rather by another 2003/2004 cobra for the same or less money as a new GT. But I respect the heck out of the new GT. Who knows, when I finally get to drive one I may change my mind and have to have one.