SOLD 2005 Supercharged Coyote Swapped Mustang Amherst, Ma

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  1. Amherst, Massachusetts

    I have a 2005 mustang with a whole mess of goodies. It has the red leather interior and the 500w shaker sound system. The car has 48k on it and the engine has a little over 4k. Here is a list of all the upgrades.

    Go fast goodies:
    Brenspeed 302 CID stroker (CP pistons, Manley Rods, Kellogg Crank)
    FRPP oil pump and pick up
    Stock heads
    Comp blower cams (127350)
    Comp beehive valve springs and retainers
    Whipple 2.3 w/ 3.0" pulley (~12psi)
    FRPP twin 62mm throttle body
    Seimens Deka 60# injectors
    FRPP duel fuel pumps (350 lph)
    Fore Precision Works fuel rails
    BBK long tube headers
    BBK catless x pipe
    Borla stinger mufflers

    FRPP 4.10 ring and pinion
    Hurst Comp+ shifter
    McLeod RXT clutch
    McLeod aluminum flywheel
    Stock transmission

    Steeda front springs
    Roush rear springs
    stock shocks
    Steeda LCAs
    Steeda adjustable UCA
    J&M adjustable panhard rod
    Steeda panhard rod brace
    stock wheels w/ Conti Extreme DW 245/55/17

    Pros: - Over 11k in receipts from build done professionally by MPE tuning out of eastern MA.
    - A ton of room to make more power, seriously, like easily 100 more to the wheels with light modifications.
    - Very low miles on everything including the body.
    - Literally a show car. Places 2nd in class at the Umass Car Show last year.
    - Dyno Sheets to prove power

    Cons: - Just the 1. The car isn't really drivable as of now. The car will run for a few minutes then will die out. The camshaft phasor or something else minor would be causing this. I can get it fixed but I need to tow it down to the Boston area and have been waiting for the time to do so. The cars power train is almost brand new so I can guarantee it is a cheap and quick fix.

    Looking for 19k or best offer.
    Interested in trades as always.
    Feel free to email me at [email protected] or txt me at 413-464-2558

    Exterior -
    Interior -
    Dyno Sheet-
  2. Pictures posted for ease of access:

    IgKuPyC[1].jpg b2IqhaU[1].jpg yxPiX82[1].jpg

    Very nice ride by the way. Your exterior mods were done very tastefully. Good Luck With Your Sale. :nice:

    I do not see an asking price (maybe I missed it). Please post what you're asking per forum guidelines.

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  3. Thank you very much for posting the pictures!
    Im looking to get 19k or best offer.
    Also has the Boss 302 Alcantera Steering Wheel
  4. Price Reduced $18,000 OBO
  5. Sweet car. It is a few k out of my price range, or I would be all over it.
  6. Car is at MPE in Easter Mass getting taken care of now, should be running great in a few days.
  7. Bump!
    Car is back on its feet and running strong with a new camshaft and camshaft phaser!
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