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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by topotent, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. I have sold my Roush and have the following parts for sale...

    C&L "Street" CAI with less then 2000 Miles. All couplings and Fittings in Excellent condition. No Tune Cap so you will need a tune with this CAI. $225.00


    Diablo Tuner, Matches C&L Intake. Last tune Loaded was Stock Tune so there should be no issues with setting this up for your car. Excellent condition. Does not have USB Cable. $250.00


    Roush Short Throw Shifter, Like new condition. Only run 100 Miles!!! Complete and in original packaging w/ installtion instructions. Does not have the retro ball. $250.00


    Winter and Summer Storage covers. Summer Cover is $350.00 Custom cover for 2005-2008 Mustangs used for 1 Season. Winter Cover is a $390.00 Pineridge Enterprises Omni Bag. Comes with Desicant bags which seals the car in for the winter with no moisture. I will sell both for $200.00!!

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    I can be contacted through Stangnet or at [email protected]. Prices do not include shipping so I will need your Zipcode to establish shipping costs.
  2. Is the intake still available?
  3. Yes it is.. Tried to email you but the emails are returned undeliverable?
  4. Do you take paypal?
  5. Paypal

    Yes I can. with a direct financial transfer.
  6. Parts are still for sale. I will consider a lot offer for all of it. Lets make a deal!
  7. Hey how its going man, I have a few questions I hope you can answer, Is your C&L CAI / Diablo Tuner still available, and if so how much would it be for the CAI/tuner together?

    the thing is though I already have a Steeda CAI already, but I don't have a tuner for it, so I will more than likely sell it If I can get a nice deal on a CAI/Tuner set. My car is already reflash to stock, so will it work with another CAI/Tuner set right from the start?

    also do you know of any Mustang tuning site thats can e-mail Tunes for the diablo and where I could pick up a usb for the diablo? Thanks alot man I appreciate the help.

  8. PM Sent, JT
  9. Still Available, Lot price for the whole deal...$700.00!!!!
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