2005 V6 Mustang Fuel Gauge problem please help

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  1. A few days ago I got into my 2005 mustang V6 and the fuel gauge went crazy. It went upside down and started pointing down. The rest of the gauges are fine and are acting normal. I looked on the web and found that I should disconnect the battery and reset it. I did this and it worked for a day and then it went back to doing the upside down thing again. When I turn the car on it moved but always goes upside down or gives me a misreading. I still know when I am going to run out of gas because the information center still tells me but the gauge messed up. I really need some help because I have no idea what I need to do. Any help would be very much appreciated and I will try to answer any questions that you may have on this topic.
  2. My '05 V-6 is at the dealership today. Started with the Temp. Gauge going crazy, misreadings, etc. Dealership diagnosed the gauge is bad and will have to replace complete intrumenet cluster. I decided to wait, but then my Fuel gauge started to "stick" works sometimes and burys to the left other times. With the cost to replace inst. cluster, including the new odometer has to be set to your mileage, I contacted Ford Motor Co. direct for assistance, since warranty is up. Finally they agreed to replace everything for $100.00 from me.
  3. 2005 Crazy Fuel Gauge

    Mine did it too....I am so angry because I assumed the extended warranty would fix it. I know there is a TSB regarding it as well as the problem I am having with my CD player. Will take it in, but I will only pay $100. Trust me.
    Outside of the problem with the rear window heater and the top latch...the car has been a dream. Those problems are TSB'd too...so all in all, I have one of the good ones!:lol:
  4. Replace the stepper motor... you can buy them on ebay for less than $10