2005 V6 Mustangs: Shelby GT Axle-back available exclusively at Ninosport!

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  1. Now 2005+ Mustang V6 owners can share in the performance and legend of the Shelby Mustang by ordering a single "FRPP GTA/Supreme GT" muffler for their car. This is the same muffler installed by Shelby on his 2006 Shelby GT-H and 2007 Shelby GT! Chip Foose liked this exhaust system so much, even he installs it on all his Foose Stallions! This system was previously only available as a dual exhaust kit for 2005+ V8 Mustangs, but we at Ninosport knew V6 owners would also love the deep throaty sound and beautiful exhaust tips available with this system. So now we're making it available to V6 Mustang owners who want to upgrade their single-exit exhaust system. We are the only company packaging the V6 kit this way so please don't call Ford Racing asking about a single GTA muffler for your V6.

    The kit includes a single passenger-side "FRPP GTA/Supreme GT" muffler with double-wall, slash cut 4" stainless tip and mounting clamp. This replaces the stock muffler using the factory exhaust hangers. No modifications to the bumper are required although due to the over-sized exhaust tip, precise adjustment of the Y-pipe clamp is necessary so the tip will not rub against the bumper's exhaust cutout. It's a tight fit, but we successfully adjusted the muffler so it will not rub the bumper.

    We have test fitted the "FRPP GTA/Supreme GT" muffler and the results are great in both sound and apprearance. The stock muffler sounds very tame when compare to the deep growl produced by the GTA muffler. Order yours today!

    Click here for a Before-And-After soundclip!

    Click here to order your kit today for $179.95 with Free Shipping!

    If you have any questions, call us toll-free at 1-866-646-6776. We'll be happy to answer any questions about this product and the installation.


  2. Remember that you can save on this exhaust kit by entering discount code STANGNET during the checkout process on our web store. Member's price with the discount is $170.95 with FREE Shipping in the continental US.