2006 Boss 302 Mustang?

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by 98GTfromGA, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. I think this may be the next special edition Mustang.
    They did a Bullitt and Mach 1 already. FRPP already
    has a 5.0 4v motor so how hard will it be to stuff it
    in there and put an IRS and in there. I think they
    would use IRS in a Boss Mustang since those cars
    were known on the road coarse. Mach 1 was more
    of a drag racer's car.
  2. If such car exists with an IRS and a decent power, I'd be number one on the local dealer's waiting list.
  3. If they can do it for 30 grand or les...I'm right there with you.
  4. Hmmmmmmm, I wonder...

  5. Yum!!! If they make one and its affordable Id most likley buy one.
  6. Me too. I would buy the Boss in a heartbeat.
  7. Nice photoshop, I am keeping it (with your permission, of course). Well, I'll stretch a bit for up to 35k as long as the car has at least 350 hp and can do lower 13s bone stock. Handling should be well, too. :flag:

    Geez, I am wondering if we can convince someone out there to make the aftermarket kits for Boss dressup.
  8. very nice photoshop, id buy it in a heartbeat :nice:
  9. I'd buy it just for the Cammer crate motor if they put the 5.0 in there.
  10. I doubt we'd see that in a semi-30k production mustang. Isn't that like a 14,000 dollar engine? Pricey. Maybe a VVT version of the N/A 4.6 Dohc pushing 350hp? Or a N/A 5.4L Dohc pushing 350-400hp.
  11. Whole point is for a 302 cubic inch engien, which the cammer provides. Being that the cammer puts out a minimum of 420 horses in current trim, Ford could afford to detune it some and save some money in order to get it into a Boss 302 with 350-400 hp. keep in mind this is at least 3 years down the road.
  12. One of the guys at team shinoda is very interest in making a boss 302 kit for the 05. He liked the red car pictured here a lot!
  13. I'd be giddy even it it were a Boss 281 (why not?). 320hp 4.6L, IRS, 14" brakes, stiffer chassis, use of lighter materials here and there, options to delete power windows, a/c, radio, etc..
  14. maybe even a factory roll cage, how cool would that be. :nice:
  15. Is it just me? Every time I come in here I hear a little guy saying in the background "Da Plane, Da Plane Boss, Da Plane" :D
  16. Deepdish Magnum 500 wheels are hot, I wish that was how they came on my Mach 1 :(
  17. If they make it, I'm buying. That photochop is beautiful. It's the same look I am going for on my 87 GT. If they do it in '07, I'll get it as a graduation gift to myself from college. :drool:
  18. It's just you! :p

    (hears midget's voice saying "Da plane! Da plane boss! Da plane!")
  19. nice photoshop!! It looks great!
  20. If I remember correctly There is limited edition Boss Mustang being released this month by Shinodas family. Im looking for the link. This is suppossed to be on the 04 chassis with 5.0 motor.. 5.0 cammer i am thinking.