2006 Boss 302 Mustang?

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  1. In the latest Motortrend article (one w/ the blue stang w/ white stripes) it mentions "special editions" to follow. Towards the end of the article it states that we would see these "special editions" sooner in the production time frame than the last run, 99-04. When did the BULLITT and MACH 1 appear? I know the years, 01 for the BULLITT and 03-04 for the MACH, but was it towards the beginning of those years? Like in Sept or Oct or was it later? In taking all this into account, the BULLITT appeared 2 years after the '99. So this new special ed. might appear next fall? That would be only 1 year from the new model. What do you guys think? It is all speculation on my part and trying to remain patient.

    Brad, when are you going to get your FORUMS up and running???
  2. i'd love for the next special edition to come out in 06 but I don't think it'll happen. That's the year of the Snake with the Cobra coming back it would kind of steal thunder from both vehicles by releasing them both in the same year.
  3. I hate to be the one to throw water on your fire, but you will NOT see a Boss 302 with the 5.0 Cammer.

    The 5.0 Cammer is NOT 50 state legal.

    The 5.0 Cammer does NOT meet Ford's 150,000 mile durability requirements

    The 5.0 Cammer is far too expensive for a production Mustang.

    Ford has stated that the 5.0 Cammer will remain a FRPP only product and will NOT be used in any production cars.

    With that said, I've heard rumors that there is a glimmer of hope for a 302 CID engine. Ford has supposedly built some 302 CID engines that use a .060 larger bore than the 4.6 and a longer stroke to get 302 CID.

    As far as the Shinoda Boss goes, one of their reps. was participating in the Forums on Brad's Mustang site. The Shinoda rep. said they were working a on a 302 Shinoda Boss, but it was going to be a stroker, not a 5.0 Cammer.
  4. Ugh...no knock on the 4.6 but I REALLY don't want to see a bored and stroked 4.6 as a 5.0.

  5. Can you explain this? In 2001 you had the Cobra (non-s/c'd) and the Bullitt. Also in 2003-04 you had the introduction of the TERMINATOR, a.k.a the all new Cobra w/ s/c'd forged engine. You also had the introduction of the 1st MACH 1 in approx 30 years. In 2003 both models were introduced into the mustang lineup. I do not see a problem w/ Ford doing it again. They have done it before, in the late '60's and early '70's, and just recently. Just a question I am trying to answer for myself. The waiting game is going to be tough.
  6. Well here is a summary as of Jan 10 2004 Team Shinoda is now taking orders for the 2004 Boss Shinoda Stroker Edition. It will initially be powered by a 4.6 stroked to a 5.0 untill our new 302 short blocks are available. This is a prelim for the Boss Shinoda 302 in 2005. Here is a pic of the 2004 Boss Shinoda Stroker with Shaker Scoop and blacked out hood. and a pic of the Boss Shinoda 302 for 05. I am sure on the 05 the artist handy work will be reconised.

    Here is the build sheet for the 04 version:
    Boss Shinoda “Stroker Edition”:
    · Boss Shinoda Graphics “Special Retro Kit”
    · Boss Shinoda Chin Spoiler
    · Boss Shinoda Rear Spoiler
    · Boss Shinoda Floor Mats
    · Aluminum Trim Ring
    · Aluminum Pedals
    · Aluminum T Handel or White Shift knob (currently Manual Trans only)
    · Performance Tune Chip
    · Performance 2 ½ Exhaust
    · Shinoda Cold Air kit
    · 3:73 Gears
    · Hurst Shifter
    · Aluminum Drive Shaft
    · 302 Cid Stroker Motor (optional 3.10 cid)
    · BCS Springs
    · BCS Caster Camber plates
    · BCS Upper/Lower control arms
    · BCS frt/rr Sway Bars
    · Adjustable Shocks
    · Shinoda 13 Inch Brake kit
    · 17 x 9 Front 17 x 11 Rear Magnum 500 Wheel/Tire Package

    Please let me know if there is any more info you need any more info can be found at www.teamshinoda.com please feel free to Contact us at 850-492-6601

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  7. It's all about a marketing standpoint. Ford releasing the Mach and the Cobra in the same year was more about keeping intrest up in the SN95 line up until the new Stang came out than anything. And frankly it worked. However if you look at the marketing side of this it makes more sense to release them in succession rather than at the same time.
    05 will be ablaze with Mustang fever simply with people getting the newest shiny bobble on the tree. By late 05 that will have died down a bit and then that presents you an opportune time to create a significant amount of buzz with the release of the Cobra. Then in 07 you can buy yourself another year of top of mind press and attention by releasing another mid level special edition(which would also BTW be the earliest year you'd likely see the Camaro if it returns it'd be a wonderful way to steal some of that thunder). Release the Cobra and the special edition together and you have too much overlap and the cars likely won't get as much attention as they deserve.
  8. Well it's all speculation from both of us. But we will see in approx 20 months. I guess we can agree to disagree on this matter. Whatever models will come out in the next few years, all of them will be great!
  9. a Boss for $30-32K? Screw the IRS in the Boss and give it to me $3k cheaper... :D:D:D

    I swear I won't drag race it ;)
  10. Bosses were built mostly for road racing back in the day, so I would actually expect an IRS. And while I do doubt the 5.0 cammer itself will show up, it'd be really, really easy to take some ideas from that, combine it with the 4.6L SOHC VVT for a 5.0 version of it. 350+ horses wouldn't be tough at all. But it does have to be a Boss 302. Boss, or Boss 281, doesn't carry the weight. Nor, honestly, does a Boss 351. And its very feasible. A slightly stroked 4.6 would cost next to nothing for Ford (a crank is a crank, a stroker one doesn't cost any more than a normal one to produce) except it wouldnt be the same volume. Still shouldn't be too bad. Development costs could be next to nil, since stroker kits are already out..

    Like I said though, its 3 years down the road, and a lot of things get cheaper with time.

    I think the new stang looks far too good to not have a Boss built off of it.
  11. The Boss 302 was developed to be a Trans-Am race car. Back in 1969 the Trans-Am was a very popular road race series for pony cars. Mustangs, Cougars, Camaros. Firebirds and later Cuda's, Challangers and even Javilins all competed in the 5 liter class.

    To be elligible the manufacturers had to produce a minimum of 1,000 cars that had specifications the same as the real race cars. The engines had to have the same bore & stroke as the real race cars. The real race cars were actual production cars that were modified. The whole unibody, suspension, sheet metal were right off a production car, although some competitors figured out ways to cheat such as Penkske who dipped all the sheet metal in acid baths to thin it down in order to lighten their Camaros.

    While there were some parts that were special for the real race cars, it was a completely different world than NASCAR is today with their tube frame race cars and bubble shaped sheet metal with fake headlight decals that have next to nothing in common with street cars.

    In 1969 Ford sold 1,628 Boss 302's and 7,013 in 1970.
  12. Most likely the Boss 351 doesn't have a lot of respect just because the 1971 Mustangs were so ugly, at least compared to the 1967 - 1970 Stangs.

    However, the Boss 351 should have a lot more respect than it gets. It was one of the fastest bone stock Mustangs built. It is way faster and more streetable than a Boss 302 because it has so much more low end torque than a Boss 302. The Boss 351 was faster than even the 428CJ Mustangs (bone stock to bone stock and excluding the special a drag versions of the 428 Mustang).
  13. 99,01,03 Cobra :doh:
  14. I think a 5.0L version of the 3v motor shouldn't cost that much to produce.
    The 3v is using the aluminum block so all they would have to do is put bigger
    3.70" sleeves in there like all these aftermarket shops are doing. They could
    even use the 5.0 blocks from FRPP and just put stock 3v heads and intake on
  15. i wasn't dissing the Boss 351, I know it was fast as hell... and in many mags, it was considered the fastest production mustang period until probably the 01 Cobra. But when people think of a Boss, they dont' think of a 429 or a 351. They think of a Boss 302.

  16. Don't tell the Chevy guys...but the Boss 351 is considered the fastest and most powerful small block engine of it's time.

    Anyways...to weigh in on this issue. Frankly...if the car's going ot be called a Boss 302, then it's got to have a 302. It's an open secret that Ford's been having trouble with the spray bore technique for their mod motor, so if they stroke the 4.6 to get 5.0 and keep costs down...fine by me. I don't understand the grousing about stroking the 4.6....any 5.0L Cammer is going to be based on that engine whether it's through stroking or spray bore.

    For me though, the clincher will be the IRS. If the Boss 302 gets the IRS.....then I am sold. It's bad enough the GT won't even get it as an option...don't screw those of us over who really know the Boss 302's history.

    It's going to suck waiting for any information from Ford. I doubt will hear anything from them until next year. I even doubt we'll see any "special edition" until 2007. SVT is not going to want any thunder stolen from the Cobra. And who know what Shelby/Ford will do after the Cobra (or SVT Mustang or whatever) comes out in 06.
  17. I agree it has to have a 302, as I said in an earlier post. I actually don't care at all about an IRS, I drive a classic, and a stock SN95 handles pretty good as far I'm concerned. The new one should handle significantly better anyway. So whatever...
  18. In MM&FF they tested a mustang with the body of a 99+ with a 351 v10 and ran in the 11's, it is a prototype but they say they think that ford will use the v10 engine for a new boss probably around 06 or 07.Probably :bs:

  19. What's with this anymosity towards the IRS. :shrug:
  20. It's not anymosity. They just don't see a substantial difference to warrant one. However in THIS case I have to jump to the other side and say an IRS must be on any Boss they make. Part of the Boss legend was that it could handle like crazy and keep the IRS out of it would be a slap to the name plate. If you don't care about IRS don't buy a Boss that's part of the package. Just buy a body kit and a bigger engine and put it in your GT.