2006 California Special Edition Mustang

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  1. Anyone else seen the commercial on TV for the 2006 California Special Edition Mustang? :shrug:

    It appears to be mostly cosmetic with the Pony Grill and a CE badge on the rear. The commercial stated that there would only be 400 produced. :rolleyes:

    Anyone else seen this and have additional information on it?

  2. Nope, haven't seen it. I bet someone will find a link. :)
  3. California edition. That's cute. I'm just bitter because I don't like cali. :nonono:
  4. It's not a real SE model. It's not factory.
    It's simply a dealer tactic to over charge for a car.
    And it's a Northern California Special.
  5. Interesting. I find this comical. Do you know the dealer(s) doing this? I feel compelled to go by and torment them for a while on this, then. hahahahahah
  6. Thanks Stangnut for your assistance. :)
  7. There was also something like that here in San Diego. They called is the SDS, San Diego Special. It was limited to 200 units.

    I 'believe' it was just a stock v6 with special badging and the factory shelby stickers. I 'think' it was just a marketing tool to get a little more money for the v6's. A cousin of mine has one. It has SDS on the fenders where the GT is on mine. It has a badge on the dash with XX of 200 on it.

    Oh and hey, my 1st post here. Hi all ;o)
  8. Anytime, Jennifer.

    Welcome, Osiris. How's SD? I lived there a few years and loved it. I still miss that place.
  9. I saw somethin in 5.0 magazine last month with a wide hood stripe and a matching surf board.
    I liked the wide stripe.:D
  10. Dealers do this type of stuff down here in Florida all the time. I would find it difficult to believe that Ford would contemplate specialty "local area" models (although I do think Cali models are specific due to emissions) from an OEM production point of view.

    For example: you will witness plenty of '04 V6s with a body kit and dual exhaust running around Tampa with a limited edition badge saying "Python".

    It just appears that interest was down on the '04s with the new '05s just about due for release and a few dealers needed to move backlogged product off their lots.
  11. If it's listed on the PRIMARY window sticker, and not listed as some add-on, I'll accept it as a Ford SE.
  12. Pitiful. I remember back when Plymouth tried to stick some decals on a Volare and called it a Roadrunner.

    The CS is just another way for Ford dealers to suck a few more bucks out of us. That CS will have no more resale value than any other similarly equiped Mustang.

    No way would I buy one of those new.
  13. For those of us old enough to remember, Ford offered a California Special in 1968. It was called the GT/CS.

  14. Yep, those are prized collectables now. Funny thing about the 68 CS, the base engine was the 200ci six. Only a few of those made it out of the factory with the 200 six, of those, only a couple are known to still exist.
  15. i have a neibor who has a 68 gt/cs beautiful car
  16. Southern California Special

    I bought a 2006 Southern California Special. Some of the options included, Pony Package, 1000 Shaker, 9" silver racing stripes, chrome exhaust tip, ABS/traction control, GT shocks, sway bar & steering gear, interior upgrade & power drivers seat. I also got the dealer flyer with my exact model on the flyer (600 will be produced). It’s my daily driver and I've got 13k miles on it with no problems. Also, I get a lotta looks!

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  17. Talk about a OLD post !!
  18. Old yes. But how about a photo?