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  1. I know this is strictly a 2005 forum but I figure it's better to know the competition ahead of time before getting any surpises. I saw a hotrodding magazine that had a pic of the 2006 dodge charger. We'll to save me a couple of bucks I figure I would find it on the net. We'll here it is:


    Any thoughts ? :shrug:

  2. i had a customer wanting to help us with some headlight parts for an '06 charger. don't know when they'll release the info to the public but i know it'll have reflective lamp headlights.
  3. That's a concept rendering done by an individual.
    So that's not how it'll look.
    Rumor mill says we will see the new Charger at the New York Auto Show.
    And that it will be a 4 door sedan but it'll have 2 suicides like the RX-8 does.
    But then again the same rumor mill said we would see it at Detriot and at Daytona.
  4. What he said.

    Although, I kinda like this concept. The idea of a coupe/sedan combo is interesting.
  5. Id love to see a new charger but imagine it might be a few years. Dodge does seem to be going to rear drive which is great. With these new rear drive platforms it opens up a lot of possibilities. I also think they could get 400 horses out of the Hemi with little problems.
  6. Arggh!!! im blind. Maybe its just me but that looks pretty damn fugly.
  7. Latest info I read was that it would be smaller than the 300C and have 4 doors (suicides doors?) and be out 1 year after the Magnum. I hope they show it at the NY auto show (because I'm going :D) I bet it gets the new H.O. 6.1L hemi.
  8. SRT-8 :rlaugh:

    IMO it's ugly.

    Just like the 05 Stang :spot:
  9. Should be a cool car but with four doors and a hefty price tag. I'm waiting for a low buck two-door Superbee but with the Germans running the show I doubt that will ever happen. It's expected that they will release a 2 door vert on the new LX platform--could be a cool car if they don't price the V8 variant too high. But again, I'm not holding my breath.
  10. You MIGHT get your wish.
    Rumor mill is also saying the Charger will be as I said above and it'll also have a V6 engine option standard, the R/T will be the 6.1 l as stated by Z28. Then supposedly a year after the Charger comes out an even further shortened two door version should appear(names are up in the air).
    However that last part about the shortened two door version I have yet to see on anywhere but one board. The other stuff I've seen from several different places. Again I wouldn't get my hopes up as everybody I've been reading who have stated this info have missed on a lot of the stuff they have been prediciting lately.
    Some say it's under double top secret covers and will hit the NY autoshow and be as big of surprise as the ME412 was at Detriot. Others are flat out certain there is no Charger and won't be.
  11. Those darn tight lipped Germans!

    A new low buck V8 two-door RWD Suberbee seems like a no brainer to me--they already have the platform and the drivetrain. And that logo/name is pretty popular with the trendy Gen Ys--I see it on t-shirts, etc.--and I don't even think half of them know what it is.
  12. What makes you say heavy price tag? I don't think a two door would be that much cheaper ($600 :shrug:)

    I'd expect the Hemi Version to be $29K. 5.7L Hemi = 370HP, 6.1L Hemi = 425HP. Just my guesses.
  13. I like the rendering, definitly has some cues from the old Charger, I hope the actual DC version is something like that.
  14. The Magnum R/T wagon is coming in at 29k with the 340HP Hemi. I think the Charger will be a decent amount more expensive. All these cars are loaded with a TON of options, though. That's why I was thinking a low option, low price Superbee would be cool.
  15. I'm sorry....but in terms of how ugly that piece of shoe is. I think it goes right along with that God-awful tthing they now call a Durango. Seriously where did Dodge find thier new designers??? Every time ya think they cant possibly come out with anythinng worse they prove ya wrong. Are they trying to hurt sales??? At last its not as bad as Chevy slapping an SS badge on a front wheel drive Granny car.
  16. THat isn't a Dodge design, A person from hotrodding magazine photoshoped the Dodge Magnum into that.
  17. With all of these Hemi sedans, SUVs, and coupes, how is Daimler-Chrysler possibly going to hit their CAFE numbers?
  18. The computer generated images linked to by the original post of this thread, well, I think the front end is rather fugly. Not to mention I don't believe them.....

    I remember seeing this other charger concept at the auto show a few years back. http://www.acarshow.com/chgcpt.html I immediately fell in love and hoped it would hit production.


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  19. THe charger would be a little smaller that the Magnum, plus it isn't a wagon. Wagons usually cost more than Sedans/Coupes. I'd also expect the Chargers HP to go up due to a freer flowing exhust.

  20. I have to agree with GMstomper that the new dodges are ugly as sin. Is it just me, or does the new Durango look like the world's first hemi-powered minivan?