2006 Dodge Carger

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  1. The Charger may not be quite as big as it used to be/the GTO is. I would imagine it very possible Chrysler sees there is more money in the ponycar market than a massive rwd sedan market. So I would expect it to be smaller than the GTO and probably on par with the Mustang in size.
  2. Agreed that the new Durango is :puke: . It looks like a pig or something. I bet Ford/Chevy were celebrating when that design was released...rack up some more sales for Explorer/Trailblazer.
  3. Not all Dodge designs are ugly.
    The Ram kicks ass and I really like the look of the Magnum and 300C. Suffice to say that render I'm not a huge fan of but if they keep some what close to that 99 concept...I think they will have a definate winner.
    If I had a kid and a wife I'd definately wouldn't mind riding a Charger...4 doors useable back seat and insanely fast? Sounds good to me.
  4. I've never seen that commercial on TV, but that's actually pretty funny. ...Unlike all those Hemi commercials that get on my nerves. Yeah, let's stick a Hemi in everything to make Dodge look cool. They've had opposite effects on me. If I ever see "The all new Dodge Neon...now HEMI-POWERED!" :nonono:
  5. the charger is going to end up looking like a stratus.
  6. Hey, a Stratus with RWD and a Hemi would be fine with me. :shrug:
  7. one flaw, dodge
  8. :rlaugh: Yup.

    Hopefully they'll put a T-56 in there so there's less Mopar to worry about. :D
  9. i gave up on dodge.dodge desperately needs a rear drive, mid priced peformance car, NOT a truck that wants to be muscle/ponycar.
  10. ignorant
  11. I wish they would make production, I would be all over it like a fly on crap.
  12. No S**T, me too. They can say what they want about Dodge. Dodge is a good company and the new 2006 charger would look tough as hell if you ask me. I love the 2005 Stang GT but this charger (if produced) would sure as hell give me a tough decision to make.

    I owned a dakota for awhile and I loved it. Dodge has the least customer complaints of any of the Domestics.

    And what's wrong with Dodges designs? I think their pretty original if you ask me. Not knocking ford or anything but the new Dodges have a tough looking design. JMO.

    Toney C
  13. Wait a second...whats a Carger?

    sorry, couldn't resist.
  14. The only major knock I've ever had about any Dodge or Chrysler products is that the interiors are crappy or start falling apart inordinately early. Not to say Ford or GM doesn't have that problem but it seems to me to be more prevelant in older Dodge vehicles. I will admit though I haven't been inside a newer Dodge other than the Ram and Neon. And both of those have cheap interiors to begin with due to the kind of vehicle they are.
  15. You might like this article: http://autoweek.com/search/search_d...30&Search_Type=STD&Search_ID=1937458&record=3

    I agree, that always turned me off too. The new Darango is said to be very good, as is the 300C and Magnum. I havn't had a chance to sit in them yet, I'll have to check them out closer at the next autoshow.
  16. I think all the domestic makers are getting better with the material their using in the interiors and the fit and finish. Their taking a lot of ideas from the germans on this. I know we all love our american cars and I do believe in buying american but the import sales have been on the rise year after year. That's because the "Quality" of the vehicle is much better.

    I think American auto makers are finally pulling their heads out of their asses and offering the backbone of this country a "Quality vehcile". I've lived in Europe for the past 4 years and BMW's, Mercedes, VW's and Audi's own the roads there. I've driven all of them. Damn fine automobiles believe me. I'm very happy that American auto makers are taking ideas from the Europeans and incorparating those ideas into our vehicles and making our vehicles better. I think that domestics sales will start climbing again when Americans start seeing the new quality from the Big 3.
  17. I just noticed the side scoops do the same little inversing trick as the Crossfire. Whoever designed this rendition put a lot of thought into it.
  18. My only problem is, up to now, no RWD. I don't care about trucks and I think the whole "cab forward" thing was an ugly gimmick. Kudos to Ford for keeping RWD alive with the Mustang and then the LS. I think the new LX platform and new Hemi will put Mopar back on the map.
  19. And yes, DODGE new line of vehicles are very MEAN and MUSCLE looking.