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  1. I like the ORIGINAL Dodge Charger design that they came out with 2 years ago. The current Charger design is not as nice looking as the original one. The current design has an UGLY front end and the rear tail lights don't look like the retro Charger tail lights. Dodge needs to bring back the ORIGINAL concept car Charger design. It looks a lot nicer and a lot meaner than the current design.
  2. I hope they bring the Charger back period. I would love to see what's it's going to look like. I think a new era of muscle cars is on hand. At least I hope that is what's happening. I wasn't around for the 60's and 70's muscle car era. But I'm happy as hell to be right smack dab in the middle of this one. Just doesn't seem right though without the Camaro and Trans AM in the mix. Lutz is a Putz for letting those die off.

    I think it's gonna be cool as hell to see all these New Mustangs, Chargers (if they build), and GTO's running around the streets.

    Beats lookin at all those retards running around in civics. Good lord, civics, what a joke. When I see a muscle car I'm like, "f*** yeah, bad a** car".

    When I see a civic I think of the first year college student trying to save money on his fuel bill, NOT a fast, bad a** car. Give me break.

    But whatever floats your boat I guess. Give me a MUSCLE CAR and save the civics for the retards. JMO.

    Toney C
  3. Lutz didn't let them Die, it was the guy that had that job before Lutz. THey were marked for death back in 97-98
  4. Yea man, Lutz didn't get on there until long after the F-body stopped being built.

    And I like civic's. If I can save enough on my '05, I'll get a civic for my daily driver.
  5. You know the kit to put a 5.0 w/ RWD into a Focus? What if they made a kit for a RWD Neon and the Hemi? That would be scary enough to carry the Charger nameplate :D
  6. I've seen alot of chrysler products go bad in the automatic transmission. Especialy FWD trannies. I certainly don't judge Chrysler's preformance now (under Daimler/Benz) by their preformance in the eighties (under Mr. Iacoca, and funded by the USA). To do so would be deeply flawed. I mean it's the difference between starving to death and the harvest season.
  7. I don't think anyone in Detroit ever figured out how to build a FWD auto tranny. These cars are RWD and from what I've heard use Mercedes trannies. Meanwhile the 727 Torqueflite in my Satellite is still going strong after 39 years--lots of abuse and never even been rebuilt.
  8. HAHAHAHAHA dodge the best with least customer complaints?????????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Sorry but i've owned 2 dodges rams. Both were brand new when i bought them. Both were nearly lemon'd out with problems. My second truck was the worst. A 2001 dodge ram with a 5.2L v8. The 46RE transmission is about the worst hunk of metal to ever grace an automobile period. About the only people that dont know how horrible dodge transmissions and build qualities are is the loyalists who are too blind to realize they have a total pos or they were in the 15-20% of vehicles that dont have problems. Most manufacturers can say only about 15% of their vehicles have any warranty work claims. But dodge...lol there's is more like 85%.

    Dodge's only hope now is to reap the benefits of german engineering and have that ported over to the american automobiles...dodge is no longer an american company so i really could care less about them too. Id love to see a charger but it'll never happen in a reasonable price range. They'll end up making it some high priced 4 door sedan if it ever makes it to production.

  9. People, people, people, this is obviously a hoax because everyone knows the only Chargers to EVER exist were built in 1968, 1969, and 1970.

    (** Poster owns a 1968 Dodge Charger R/T) :p
  10. I can understand the way you feel about Dodges. If I owned two new lemons I would probably feel the same way. I read that Dodge had the least customer complaints from Consumer reports. Maybe not everybody was reporting their problems?

    And I'm sure that Dodge will reap the benefits of German engineering. I hope they make ALL american automobiles better with German engineering. What's wrong with taking a good idea and making your product much better? You have to admit that American automobiles have been crap for a long time. When I say "crap" I mean not as good or reliable as the foriegn automobiles. You say Dodge is no longer an "American Company".

    Tell me one that still is ALL AMERICAN. The new mustang got it's fit and finish from German Engineering. It's getting is handling characteristics from a BMW. I would say that's not American. I BET MONEY THAT YOU WOULD STILL BUY ONE THOUGH. But my opinion is, go with what works, learn from it and make an American automobile using proven and good ideas. I wouldn't consider it "not American" I would consider it finding a solution to the problem of foriegn automobiles dominating the American streets. I mean hell, they gotta do something about it don't they? Here in America 50% of people own a foriegn vehicle. In foriegn countries like Japan, only 1% of them own an American automobile. WHY? You answer that for me. It's because American automobiles have been crap. This is the first time in a long time that I have looked into buying an American automobile (2005 Mustang) and it's because of all the ideas they got from the Germans that they have incorpartated into this Mustang to make it a great "American" automobile.

    Don't get me wrong here, I very much WANT to buy American. All the other countries buy their brands, so why shouldn't we, right? And if that means taking German or Japanese ideas then so be it. Cause I'll tell you one thing, those Japs build one hell of an Automobile and so so the Germans. Tell me I'm wrong and I'll kiss your a**.

    Whatever it is that the foriegn automakers are doing to their vehciles, it's RIGHT. 50% of Americans owning foriegn automobiles proves that. And American automakers should start doing the same thing. JMO.

  11. Didn't know that about Lutz. My apologies to Lutz :D . Thanks for the clarification.
  12. And I like civic's. If I can save enough on my '05, I'll get a civic for my daily driver.[/QUOTE]

    Well I don't.

    Well maybe if I was picking up some bread and milk :) . Just messing with ya. It's cool if you like the Civic but I think it's waste of time and money to make the civic "not as slow".

    I know, I know there are SOME fast civics out there. And I bet the've spent over 10 grand to get them close to the muscle car range. Spend that on a Mustang and make it "Wicked" :nice:

    Have fun with your Civic brother :) . No pun intended.

  13. Actually, most of the design of the BMW 3 series was pioneered in the U.S.

    1. Unibody construction. Ford Falcon 1960's
    2. MacPherson Struts: Ford Late 1950s. It was used on a small Euro Ford.

    The 3 Series is basically a modern interpretation of a 1960's Falcon/Mustang.
  14. By american i mean where the money goes not necessarily how many parts were designed and assembled within our borders. I support a company that supports america by keeping the auto industry wealth here in the us. Foreign cars makers may provide some jobs which is good but they do not keep the wealth here to boost our economy.

  15. Poinneered in the U.S. makes me feel good.
  16. Good point, well taken. I agree.
  17. There were unibodies well before the Falcon. And I think MacPherson was working for GM when he came up with his suspension design.

    The 3 series really harks back to the BMW 1600 (precursor to the 2002) which first appeared in 1966. I suspect BMW designers at that time were playing closer attention to Alfa Romeo, etc.