2006 Ford Mustang FR500GT In Depth

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  1. With the release of the most powerful production Mustang in history, the Shelby GT500 (http://www.planetmustang.com/general_news/shelby_gt500/),Ford Racing had to up the ante in the world of factory supported racecars. Ford released the FR500C Boy Racer when the redesigned Mustang GTcame out in 2005 with great success. For a relatively low cost, adriver could race a full season and be successful with the cars. NowFord Racing has done it again, this time with more power and betterparts. The FR500GT (http://www.planetmustang.com/racing_news/man_racer_a_mustang_for_dreamers_000716.asp) has the same goal in mind. A successful and competitive racer with a low cost to buy and maintain.