Expired 2006 Ford Mustang Gt Vista Blue 5 Speed, 68,000 Miles, Original Owner, Great Mods - Portland Oregon

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  1. This car had one owner who kept it garaged at all times, waxed it twice a year, and kept up on all recommended maintenance. The car has had zero mechanical issues over its lifetime.

    68,000 miles
    Leather seats
    6-disc CD changer
    Dual stainless exhaust
    Always garaged
    RWD, 2 door, Vista Blue

    ---Performance Modifications---
    New Performance Racing Brakes and Brake Lines
    Tokico D-Spec Performance Racing Struts and Springs (lowered car 1.5") (adjustable shocks for desired ride/handling)
    Steeda Under-drive Pulleys (increased HP)
    K&N Cold Air Intake and SCT X3 Tuner (tunable to preferred octane and increased HP or Gas Mileage)
    Front Sway Bar (increases handling in corners)
    18"x 8.5" Black Mustang Bullit Wheels (increased handling)
    Steeda Short Shifter

    ---Appearance Modifications---
    Chrome Detail Interior Upgrade
    Blacked out Front Grill Inserts
    Custom 9mm chrome door locks
    Short Stub Antennae
    Sequential Tail Lights
    Automatic Hood Prop Struts
    Aux (Ipod) cord added to stereo
    Chrome oil cap and dip stick

    New tires -- 255/45ZR18 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus (1 year old)
    Recently painted hood and front-end
    Changed own oil/filter with premium Mobile 1 full synthetic every 5,000 miles since purchase.
    Stripped old wax, clay barred, and used Maguire's wax on car twice a year since purchase.
    All original parts (expect air filter and front grill) included.
    Rear spoiler delete option selected when ordered/built by Ford (cleaner look)
    Records of all maintenance

    3Ia3M43J25L85E75F8cbh9c077fd769101d73.jpg 3Gb3Id3F65N95Le5Fecbh8aa97eceef82171e.jpg 3Ia3M43J25L85E75F8cbh9c077fd769101d73.jpg

    Please email with any questions or for more information.
    Asking $14,500 but willing to hear offers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.