2006 GT convertible top switch not responding in “down” direction


New Member
May 31, 2018
Hi all,

Just joined, hope I'm doing this right. My 2006 GT Convertible Top has worked well for years, though sometimes the top would not respond when I press the switch up (forward) or down (back). This morning, the switch was completely unresponsive in the down (back) direction. When I say the car did not respond, I mean that the windows did not even go down when I pressed the switch. (Usually when you press the switch in either direction, the first thing that happens is it causes all four of the windows to roll down.) Somewhat strangely, the switch did work in the "up" direction (I heard the top motor make its sound and the top moved up a little) after I rolled the windows down manually, but not in the "down" direction. So I cannot open the top of the car at all. Any ideas? I know there are many parts involved here and I'm hoping only the least expensive one failed.

Thanks for any help!

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