2006 GT Front-end Rattle

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  1. I have a 2006 Mustang GT that had front-end rattle. I went over this forum and others and came up with a list of possible causes. I took it and my Mustang to a local shop to see if he could come up with a solution to my rattle while going over speed-bumps, driveway to asphalt cracks and small bumps at slow speeds. He looked it over and put the car up on the lift and gave it the once over. He told me what he thought and I told him to go ahead and order strut-mounts and sway-bar bushings. I also told him to get new struts, if he was gonna have the mounts out. He did so and I took it back in for the install. He took it to an alignment-shop and they called with bad news. No go. Bad tie-rod ends and bad link-kit and bad ball-joints. Well, those are integral in the LCA's, so new pair of LCA, too. So, more waiting and now all have been installed and an alignment performed. No rattle! It sounds and drives like a new car and it has 75-K on it now. I am a happy camper!

    He did not rip me off, as I was there watching the parts come out. The one strut-mount bushing was literally toast. It fell apart in his hands. The link-kits were worn and the boots were torn. The ball-joints had all sortsa wobble in them. The sway-bar bushings were squished. It was worth the time and money that was put into it. I now have a great driving GT again with no rattle and a firm steer.
  2. Glad you got it fixed up. I'm a lucky man, my 06 GT is at 134,000 miles and still a tight front end. I know those repairs will be coming sometime though. That'll be an excuse for a suspension kit too ;).
  3. My '06 has 126k and my front control arms are destroyed, but I've open-tracked and auto-crossed it...
  4. Sharad, I'm hoping to get my 88 fixed up just a little and use it for the open track events. I just depend on the 06 too much to take it out to track events. My 88 I bought new too. It has 357,000 miles, and plenty of upgrades. Rear suspension needs to be freshened up and drivers door replaced. Set of tires and it will be ready. Hopefully summer. You don't need a License Tag for open track events right?
  5. No license plate needed for High Performance Driving Events. They do tech your car in though. Let me know if you need any help getting either car setup for open track work. I'm happy to help.
  6. I bought my car with the promise that the dealer would take care of the rattle and noise up front..
    they replace the LCA and a few other parts.. failed to give the car an alignment.. 1 week later I was to go back since they didnt cure the rattle..
    I added Drilled and slotted rotors, noticed the feathering of the new tires. So needed an alignment bad.. So I figured I would purchase Koni Struts and Shocks
    Since I know they would just replace with Cheap stock stuff or worse..
    Since I knew labor was free...
    they are also replacing the strut tower mounts , I told them BUY the Ford Racing versions and I would buy them if they installed for nothing..

    So in the long run, they are spending Less $ and I get a sweet new suspension installed..

    I also bought neoprene sway bar bushings for $15 on eBay..

    So I HOPE by this time tomorrow I will have my car back with a new ride feel

    Along with $1500 of other upgrades... ( LED Tail lights, Louvers, Ford Racing Exhaust, Brakes )