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  1. I had a Ford Salesman tell me today that Ford is coming out with a GT350 and GT500 version of the new Mustang in 2006. Has anyone heard of that? I asked him if he wasn't confused with the 2006 Shelby AC Cobra and he as clear that it was going to be a Shebly GT350 and GT500 version of the new Mustang.

    If anyone knows or has heard of anything, let me know.


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  2. I haven't heard anything about a gt500. I don't think it will cause they will be making a mustang cobra in 06, well that is what ford was saying at the cleveland auto show.
  3. Dealers no less about future Mustang models than us.
  4. Think you are right....

    Yeah, I think you are right about the AC Cobra and more than likely, that is what he thinks he knows about.

    I live in Dallas and the local paper has reported that Carol Shelby purchased a plant in Carrolton which in smack dab in the middle of Dallas. Reportidly he will be producing cars for Ford there and would imagine that too has something to do with the AC Cobra.

    Craig :shrug:
  5. Dont listen to salesmen, most of them are idiots.
  6. Really? What day was that in and what section? I'd like to read that story. Kind of related Carroll is doing brisk business he just sold a 150k Cobra to Kid Rock I heard on the radio.
  7. this guy tom at the NAIAS was talking about a GT350 and GT500 version of the new Mustang. he was talking about how the 05 was made to Accommodate an after market hood with scoops and how the next GT350 and GT500 will have irs. I think he also said something about a cobra but im not sure a video camera would have been nice to have for that conversation. he was talking directly to me and this group of guys and at one point he stopped the car and poped the hood to show us what he was talking about.
  8. I'll believe it when I see it or hear it from Ford. I would love it to be true, that's for sure.
  9. FWIW, that's what another ford rep told me at the philly auto show (GT350 & Gt500)
  10. That's pretty much the same thing I've been hearing from various sources. If Ford decides to go forward with production of the new Shelby Cobra (which it looks like they will), they will not bring back the Cobra nameplate on a Mustang. Instead, the top of the line Mustang will probably bear the GT500 moniker, along with the potent 5.4L S/C engine from the Ford GT! The GT350 Mustang will be slotted in between the Mustang GT and the GT500 much the same as the Bullitt and Mach 1 were in between the GT and Cobra.
  11. How far away is the building across the street from the plant? That might give a clue as to what the name of the new car will be... :rlaugh:
  12. I was also at the philly auto show and he was talking about a GT500 Im not sure what year he said.
  13. This is not far off of what Ford should do, really. In fact, it should take place right around the middle of 05 even if the cars are officially designated 06's. it would be a replay of the birth of the Mustang and a perfect halo for the true Shelby Cobra.

    If you think a 30K GT350 or 500 would not be made because they are making the real deal and there would be a conflict... well, does the SVT really effect GT sales? - or better yet, does the V6 Mustang effect Corvette sales... You just can't really compare them that way. But to use one as an attention grabber and name drop for the other; Yeah Baby, perfect sense!

    (All In Theory) Why do you think SVT won't be using the "Cobra" name? Simply because the Shelby Cobra GT350 and GT500 will move into the Cobra $$$ spot and the SVT will bump up to the 40K mark. I may be way off, but I'm just using the little bits of Ford source info to put together the big picture. Let’s hope I'm using the right colors, because this is one picture I think we all want to see.

  14. I keep trying to tell you guys that there will be more than one special edition Mustang in 06 - 07.

    Right now odds are that there will be a GT-350 that will have an aluminum block, twin screw S/C 4.6L which will be rated at over 400 HP. This model will be very much like the 03-04 Mustang Cobra, only it will be a lot BETTER in every way and will be priced only slightly higher than the 03-04 Cobra ( $36K for a coupe ).

    This will be followed by the new Mustang Cobra (or GT-500) which will have a slightly de-tuned Ford GT 5.4L, S/C twin screw rated at the magic 500 HP level. This model will be expensive ( over $40K for a coupe) and limited in production (I'd bet less than 5,000 per year).

    The only remaining question is if there will be a new Mach 1, Bullitt or whatever model, in between the GT & GT-350.

    Unfortunately I don't think that we will see a V10 Mustang, although that's what I'd perfer to have (351 CID, all aluminum V10 with 400 HP).

    Times, model names and exact details are subject to change, but I think I'll save this post so an a year or so I can say "I told you so". :banana:
  15. Since you all are talking about engineering of the Next-Gen top stang, I have started a thread putting each of us in the Lead Designer's seat. It's the "How would you like this job?" thread. Drop off your ideas. I'm extremely intrested in learning how our ideas compare. See ya there.
  16. Bah, don't listen to anything dealers say. One time I was drooling over a gorgeous torch red 03 Mach 1, and he was trying to sell it to me (yeah, like that was gonna happen) by telling me all about the memories he made driving around in his 68 Boss 302. What a moron. :nonono:
  17. One of my co-workers swears he has ordered a new 05 mustang with the
    gt-500 package from the dealership and it is due in a couple of months
  18. My local Ford dealer had a big sales meeting with all the employees about future models. The parts guy told me there would be a V-10 in the upcoming Mustang Cobra. It would be based off a Shelby is what he said. May the GT-500 will have a V-10.:drool:
  19. He is going to be very disappointed when he finds out the dealer didn't have a clue of anything. (assuming we know otherwise and we are correct)
  20. well, maybe its a stripe package or something like they do to the current ones.