2006 GT500 Mustang

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  1. And he's lying through his teeth.
  2. Amen,
    because job 1 aint until late August!
  3. is there any people on this board who actually work at the plants? Wouldn't they be able to get the right info.
  4. :stupid: Most salesmen, not all, don't even know anything about the current mustangs. I've talked to a couple who didn't even know the diffrence between the Mach 1 and GT. Some didn't even know the Mach had a 4 valve in it, they though it was a GT with a Functional hood scoop and a stripe :rlaugh:
  5. Very true. I was told the other day by a salesman that I could order a 05 when I was there and have it 9 weeks. :shrug: Then awhile back I was told that the v6 05 will be in the lot in by march 27 and then mustang gt in the fall. They don't know crap. I want to screw with them and go order one and then when it doesn't come it give them a hard time and maybe get them to drop the MSRP. :D
  6. Said it once ill say it again Salesmen and Dealers know less than 90% of the guys out here. If something like tha were true it would be on the net in a second.
  7. While it does sound like more than dealers are talking about these gt-350 and gt-500 models. IMHO I don't think we are likely to get an all aluminum twin screw S/C on any 4.6 They chose not to have an aluminum block on the 03/04 Cobra for "durability issues" So to go back on that now seems unlikely. And I also don't foresee SVT dropping the Cobra name. Ford people are still refering to it as the Cobra. I have yet to see them refer to it as an SVT Mustang. Now if someone has an article with J. Mays or J. Coletti. Saying the Cobra name will be dropped. Then that is something else. But everything I have seen. Has them still refering to it as the Cobra. As for dealers knowing much. I've had a salesman argue with me on the number of mystic cobra's built. And even when I showed him proof in an article in a magazine he brought out. I was still wrong. Go figure.
  8. I'm pretty sure the new 3V engines have stronger aluminum blocks, and I'm sure they intend to use them with a supercharger in the new Mustang. The decision to go with CI on the old car was probably cost as much as anything. Look at the Ford GT - it is aluminum.
  9. Yea but look at cost of the new GT. at over $135k that buys a lot more engineering. It could happen. But I'm not going to get my hopes too terribly high.
  10. Some of these salesmen know more than you think, and alot of the talk is hype that they know is BS. But it works on a lot of people to stir up excitement about the new release. As for the guy with his 68 boss 302, maybe he had a 69 and has not been involved with the hobby like us since, so a year slip up on the memory is not uncommon.
  11. There are lots of pre 03 cobras pushing 600+ horsepower on the factory aluminium blocks. I think the 05 will be just find with a supercharger.
  12. Yes there are. But not a single one of those has the factory warrantee on it. I don't doubt that it would be ok. But recent past has told us that Ford does not see it that way
  13. You are forgetting that the 2005 GT uses a new stronger aluminum block. It is supposed to be as strong if not stronger than the old 2V iron block.

    Also the Ford GT has an aluminum block with twin screw S/C that handles 550+ HP. So with what Ford has learned it should be pretty easy for them to make an aluminum block 4.6 that will handle 400 - 450 HP.
  14. Like I said. It could happen. But I wouldn't get my hopes up. And again I remind you of the price of the GT. Nearly anything can be made for a price.
  15. Personally, I think Ford may be poised to drop SVT altogether. The Focus is gone, and the Lightning could be sold like a limited edition model -- similar to the Harley model. Now, with the Mustang, the new relationship with Shelby, and bringing back the 60's styling, leaves way too many options open for naming their higher end models. And with the GTO back, and maybe even the Charger, Ford is also going to rekindle the nameplates of old. Gt350, GT500, Mach 1, Boss, etc., etc., etc. All of these have more emotional pull than SVT or even the Cobra. Especially if they are going to sell the new Shelby Cobra. Dealers are too stupid now, imagine trying to teach them the difference between a Shelby Cobra and a Mustang Cobra. :p
  16. There have been several articles in different rags that have said SVT is not going away, they are just changing their direction a little to focus on higher end products. Remember that SVT has been heavily involved with the GT development, so they haven't exactly been sitting on their hands the past couple of years.
  17. I was thinking the name "SVT", not necessarialy the department as a whole. I should have made that more clear.
  18. I'm only going to post this once, so pay attention. Shelby isn't going to manufacture squat for the Mustang for the future Ford Shelby Cobra Roadster.

    Ford merely partnered with Shelbyy and he is in an advisor role until he croaks. Ford will be building the vehicles, ford will be marketing the vehicles, and on occasion, Shelby stops by and does the following:

    J Mays - "Carroll, what do you think about this new GT500 Mustang we designed?"

    Shelby - "Looks cool. Can I go out in the lot and do donuts in it?"

    J Mays - "Sure. Let's take some marketing pictures."

    Shelby - "By the way, where's my monthly royalty check? Daddy needs a new ticker... Cha-Ching"

    Shelby is lending his name and gets paid as a spiritual advisor. Nothing more, nothing less.
  19. I agree. Shelby is 80 something years old, he's not manufacturing anything anymore. All he is doing is lending his name and maybe giving Ford some advice.
  20. Bad Information

    WoW -- The stuff people will say. I just joined today and can help with some information. I have been a Ford dealer for 20 years. We have had the SVT line since day one. Some salespeople are jerks ...... So far NOTHING has been finalized other than the 6cly and GT due in October. For now there will be no SVT's for 05'. After that nothing has been said to the dealers about future "speciality" products. The Bullitt and Mach have been a huge success and products like that will continue probably in 06'. There has been no "Ford" information about the so-called GT350 or GT500. We have a Ford dealer meeting in Vegas next month to go over the new product. I will try to keep you posted on "facts" about the new product pipeline. I saw the 05" 6cyl in lime at NADA and it is beautiful!