2006 GT500 Mustang

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  1. They never said it was going to be a Cobra. All that has been said was that they will skip 05 production. I think that there will be a GT-500. Look at the concept of the 05 Mustang. It has Shelby lights in the rear, side scoops (upper and lower), and a Shelby looking front end. Plus you got a 500 hp blown 5.4L (although, it was just shown to make more) that will be up for grabs when the new Ford GT's production is stopped in 07. Now, I think that in 06 we will see only a GT-350 (like in 1966) that will have a blown 4.6L or something, then come 07 the GT-500 will come out. This is my .02 though, so do what you please with it.
  2. One thing is for sure Ford will have alot of options for diffrent niches in the market with all the models they could dream up. Questions is how many diffrent models are they likely to build? I think we will likely see the V6, GT, Mach 1 or something similar, the a Cobra, and maybe if we are lucky something like the Cobra R.

    Also just on a sidenote when I was at the autoshow the shelby dealer (keep in mind I live in dallas so if any shelby dealer would know) told me they are building the Shelby Cobras for sure. He was telling me about how they where starting to take preorders on them. :)
  3. I remember ordering my 01 cobra. I had salesmen at 2 dealerships tell me they didnt make a cobra anymore.
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  5. Yes they have. Call them and ask. 1-800-367-3788.
  6. stripe delete package...

  7. That thing is awesome. If I was not into classics, I'd buy that in a heartbeat. Maybe I will anyway, if they make it. :hail2:
  8. I'm into the classics as well. I will buy an 05 and if they don't make parts for it to look like that. I will make them.
  9. everything i heard is they are splitting the pack with svt getting the higher end market and combining with the special design team at the new facility in the aai plant. Also I heard that there will be sv line up which would take care of the the new line coming out such as the tauras replacement (can't think of the name) and the lower end special vehicles. And I think the cobra nameplate will go away and replaced by a "special vehicle" boss 302 or otherwise
  10. That car your thinking about is the 500 I believe. It is supposed to be ST line up not SV. And so far nothing has been said about getting rid of the Cobra name as far as mustangs are concerned. Just rumors and other people speculation.
  11. Still the same design team.

    The sv you are thinking of is the ST, and it is a 2005 Focus model.

    The name is NOT going away. There will be a next generation SVT Mustang Cobra. Again, call and ask them for yourself.
  12. svt is not i said they are combining them with the higher end design and the st line will handle the lower end stuff. The only obsticle i see is svt will have to change the name to the shelby variant before the ac cobra comes out in 2008 2006 will be the first svt product for the mustang. So I think the 03 will be the last 03 cobra
  13. Why would they need to change the name? Do you think people aren't smart enough to tell the difference between a mustang Cobra and the roadster Cobra?
  14. I heard from the Ford reps (a guy and a gal) working at the NY Auto show that they were told the next Cobra will be in GT 350 form with a street approved version of the 5.0 cammer with a possibility of a GT 500 with the present Ford GT motor after the 3 year production period of the GT. The GT's spot would be taken by the new version of the Shelby Cobra. I don't know how accurate this is, but it was what I was told by two seperate reps standing near the GT-R and Shelby. :shrug: The guy told me to keep checking media.ford.com for info.
  15. I hope this new GT-500 is actually fast. The original was a high 14 second pig. A Mach 1 back then with the same motor would put a serious ass whooping on it.
  16. I hope you will be right but you are making me want to wait a year and get the GT350...........I already have money on a GT that I know I will love but I think if a Shelby can be had for under 35K the temptation to trade will be more than I could resist.
  17. They sure have been showin off those V10 cars the last couple of years with the 427 Concept, Shelby Cobra concept, and of course the Boss 351 sign me up! I just hope all this expermintation pays off and we get a production version of these V10's!
  18. Yeah some of them dont know *****. They dont care about anything but to try to get you to buy something! :bang:
  19. well then that would work with a lineup like this...... base v-6, gt, gt350(or other se model initially).... i don't think they will use the mach or boss(trouble with schinoda) and since carrol shelby is already paid for his name why not create another shelby mustang, svt (high end) cobra, gt....... then later v-6 gt cobra gt500, cobra (daytona coupe style). I know there will be a gt350 (everything I have been told says so from various sources)
  20. On one of the Mustang forums (could have been here on StangNet or over on Brad's site) someone from Shinoda posted that Ford owns "Boss 302", "Boss 351", "Boss 429" (along with names like "Boss 260" that they use in Australia). Shinoda owns "Boss Shinoda" and Ford & Shinoda have shared ownership of the name "Boss".