2006 GT500 Mustang

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  1. I too have heard that because of the retro theme, Carrol Shelby is very interested in creating another Shelby Mustang series. Like everything tho, its not set in stone until it arrives at the dealerships.
  2. I would love to hear confirmation from Ford that they will be producing a 6.2 DOHC engine for a stang of the future. Massive displacement mated to current technology. ****in.
  3. motor trend
    page 57
  4. Gotta love the rumor mill. :bs:
  5. yah, who knows ? since I dont have that issue and theres no link to it that reassures me none.

    wish I could see that article and see exactly what they do claim......
  6. i saw it in motor trend also
  7. they dont claim anything, they basically quote shelby saying he is going to "leave the industry how he came in, with ford" and motor trend "analyzed" it, they figured he would end it with a gt500, and then they gave a picture they chopped up, it looks allright.
  8. As is common knowledge, salesman in ford dealers in texas are notified before anyone else about special models. Dont worry about the fact that nothing is on the net about it. Automotive journalists are often the last to know also so car magazines wouldnt have any info. I would say that rumor is 100% true. :nice:
  9. For you who have seen this motortrend article,

    do they specifically mention a 6.2 liter V8 for use in a future mustang?
    do they mention what type of valve arrangement it might have? (such as DOHC)

    thanks (no need to get offended guys, Im not calling you liars , I am just wondering what numbers they were quoting for displacement)
  10. here is the article in its entirety

    Last summer, Carroll Shelby announced he was going to end his car building career where it started: with Ford, although he wasn't exactly clear on what that meant. But, as his legacy was established with Cobras and Shelby Mustangs, its only logical that this reassociation will be founded, at least in the beginning, on the same types of hardware.
    Squint at the new Mustang, and it's easy to visualize Shelby GT350 and 500 versions of it. The rear qurter windows are an obvious Shelby cue-that also cured a potentially nasty blind spot-and the new GT wheels resemble the optional Shelby/Crager units available on the original. Our exclusive photo illustration just finishes the job of creating the next Shelby Mustang that we hear Ford is already at work on.
    The major rub will be one of branding, as, since 1993, the top-dog Mustang has been the SVT version, which has been (unfortunatly) labeled a Cobra. Last time we looked, that moniker was originally made famous by Shelby. And which limited-edition Mustang will get the bigger motor? SVT chief John Coletti and Shelby himself will have to duke that on out--and want front row seats.--M.S.

    thats it.
  11. 1st off, the Mach was not introduced until 1969. For 1969-1970, there was very little difference between a Shelby and a Mach beyond cosmetics. Please explain how a '69 or '70 428 Mach 1 would put an "ass whooping" on a '69 or '70 GT500, considering they were mechanically identical and the Shelby was actually a tad lighter, benefitting from fiberglass front fenders, hood, and decklid. If you're simply quoting a number from an old magazine road test, that means nothing. Magazine performance test results back then were horrendously non-scientific, and inconsistent. You could in one year find 4 different magazines all testing the same car in the 1/4 mile, with 1 to 2 seconds DIFFERENCE from fastest to slowest result. They didn't adjust and standardize for altitude, climate, anything. Also, when the cars get tested today (like Mustang Monthly, etc.etc.), invariably they are restored trailer-queens that are totally out-of-tune with regard to proper carb adjustment, vacuum and spark advance. I've been at SAAC track events before and watched stock GT500's running mid-13's, and other stock GT500's failing to even break into the 14's, all due to differences in proper preparation and tune. A Shelby GT500 was essentially a Mustang with a 428 in it. Please explain what makes it a "pig" compared to a standard-issue Mustang with a 428 in it. The emblems slowed it down?????
  12. I HIGHLY doubt that Coletti is in a competative situation with Shelby. From what I've read and been told, Coletti is the one who brought Shelby into the "fold" as a figurehead when the "dream-team" was formed for the Ford GT project. I think he's also the power behind Shelby's Cobra concept. This new Shelby relationship with Ford is like the Wizard of Oz. Ford is the city of Oz, Shelby is the imposing smoking-head apparent-wizard, and I would not be surprised if Coletti is the REAL wizard behind the curtain calling all the shots and pulling all the handles. Of course, with Shelby being allowed to give his input/opinions along the way so that he's got a true involvement and sense of ownership in the projects. But Coletti's teams do much more within Ford than just the vehicles you see "SVT" badges on the back of.