2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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  1. Good, bad, like it, don't like it, stupid ricer,...Discuss.
  2. I think it is a good change for the eclipse. I say they will be pretty quick if they make a turbo edition.
  3. arent they already fast? its like 263 horse right? thats pretty fast. i think they look pretty sharp.
  4. Nice city cars for young ones
  5. http://www.mitsubishicars.com/06eclipse/

    I for one like it. I like the body style, the very exceptionally powered 3.8L V6, and I love the interior, the interior is sexy :drool: I'm gonna go and try to test drive one this weekend, but the only thing I don't like is the price. 25k$ for a fully loded GT V6 and you know the dealership is gonna charge more than that. I would almost rather have a new GT and be able to say I have a V8 for that price. But all around I like it and i'm gonna try and test drive one this weekend, so i'll let you know how it is but I think it'll do very well, I also think that next years model the '07 is gonna be slightly different then that. I'd look for it to have dual exhaust, and a few slightly different exterior and interior changes.
  6. eh the body is alright, i like it more than those horrible concept pics. the power on the gt is impressive and it comes with a 6spd but their a little hefty. it says the curb wieght for gt's is 3472 for a manual and 3538 for an auto. id be interested to see what kinda numbers they throw down but the 2nd gens are still the best looking in my book(plus when they ditched the turbo models and the awd gsx that was a bad plan)
  7. I say it's about time Mitsu brought its MIVEC over. The turbo MIVEC engines in Japan are nice. I doubt Mitsu will put a turbo engine in the Eclipse ever again though. I could be wrong. I'm just getting tired of all the car companies putting those stupid tail lights on cars. I want regular red tails.
  8. I don't really like the new look of it but it is plain and simple. I test drove a '01 eclipse when I was searching for a car. Let me say, holy ****, their interior is really nice. It also had a really nice pick up. I liked it, but it was older, had more miles, more money, and I was already wanted my stang. Overall, it's a nice fun car. I have to get some info on the new one before I can decide one that one.
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  16. So as I was going to pepboys, I saw a new '06 eclipse at a dealership and well, I don't like it's look. I think the fronth is ugly.
  17. For the money, you could just about get an '05 Mustang GT, (or '06) and it will smoke the Eclipse and look better doing it! But hey, whatever, it's not my money...
  18. for the money, you could get a used 03 cobra and smoke alot more than just an eclipse's ass... :rolleyes:
  19. LOL yeah that's true! I was only thinking new cars, but if you wanna go used, there are many options, and an '03 Cobra's definitely at the top of the list.. along with an orange '04 Mach I.. :drool:
  20. i usually wouldnt go used but there are some cars that wont be made anymore that make it impossible to get it new: LS1 camaro, cobra, machs...the only reason to get an eclipse is that it's something different...Now someone has to prove that it can be made fast efficently and at a reasonable price