2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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  1. The first car had pop-up headlights, and the front end went down, nearly to the ground and the lights closed. All the others just had the front end dip to the ground.
  2. Hmm. Haven't seen that one.

    I liked the Marauder one where it went into a parking garage and parked between two cars. Then the two cars scooted sideways away from it.
  3. Eclipse '06 looks OK, but around my area dealerships are dropping like flies. If I buy a car, I want to know that dealerships will still be found in most every city coast to coast. When you travel, or move some day, you will need a dealership nearby should the car encounter a problem. If I did buy one, it would be a base model. The GT, or top line ones cost enough to put them into another range of cars to choose from. Seems a bit heavy, and front weighted to be a true sports car. Maybe a good touring car. Nothing worth over $20K, even with a V6.
  4. Found it.

    Road&Track June 2005 pages 76-83. On page 78 they compare an '05 Stang GT to the Eclipse. I'm not going to scan the page cause it wouldn't look right, nor am I going to copy everything, because it will take to dam long and I'm lazy :D

    So go get a copy and read it for yourself.