2006 Mustang GT cabin air filter?

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  1. So quick question, do the 2006 Mustang GT's have a cabin air filter I thought that they did (and that they were under the cowl behind the battery) however when I went into the dealership to get it replaced I was told that my car didn't have one which I thought was odd. I went to a Partsource after to see if I could buy one and install it myself but again they told me that they didn't have a part number and that it didn't look like my car was equiped with one based on their manuals. Is everyone just missing something, or am I mistaken in thinking that my car has a the cabin filter?
  2. I know my 08 has one (sure glad because I live in a really dirty air place). Don't know about 06 models.
  3. My 06 has one. I'll try to get picture of exact location tonight. I was able to order a replacement at AutoZone.
  4. I have changed my 2006 GT cabin filter twice! It is in the cowl behind the battery. Just park the wipers at the 12 o'clock position to aid cowl removal. 20 minute job.
  5. Did all the 06s come standard with the cabin filter or was it an option then?
  6. All S197s (V6 or V8) have them, and they are all in the same spot.
  7. yep, all S197s have a cabin air filter. i have purchased one from the dealer and one from the parts store. you should not have a problem finding one. they are only about $15-$20.
  8. looks like i will be doing a write up on this, so stay tuned. it will be a step by step how to article.
  9. Pop the Hood.

    Remove the only two screws that hold in the passenger side plastic grill just below the passenger side windshield.

    This is the piece you are removing. See the two holes?


    Lift grill straight up. You have to be careful on the center part (windshield wiper is in the way a bit) and the far right passenger side connector (where it has to be maneuvered near the hood-corner junction).

    See the five rectangular plastic plugs built into the car where the matching plastic pins from the cover go into? The one in the far LEFT of the PICTURE is hard to see because it is in the corner.


    Here is the UNDERSIDE of the cover. Again, five plastic protrusions are visible that go into the car's matching holes. The one on the far LEFT of the PICTURE is hard to see, but it is there.


    There is the cabin air filter...right behind the battery. It is in a black plastic frame. Mess with the tabs on the top of it and it tilts toward the front of the car then slides out straight up. FYI there are two pins on the bottom of the frame that slide into slots in the bottom when re-installing:


    See that oval grommet? Clean that sucker (Leaves, etc.)! It has a little slot in the bottom of it. Just put your finger in it and make sure it is clear. If it clogs, the whole filter compartment can fill with water and literally fill your interior with skanky water!


    Farther back view of grommet location:


    Make sure to install NEW filter so the arrow points toward interior of car!:


    Filter was skanky and stinky when A/C was turned on. Car only has 8,000 miles on it:

  10. How often should these be replaced?
    One can only wonder why a Ford dealer would tell someone that these cars don't have a filter. Sounds like a service department to avoid.
  11. Check your owners manual for the interval...but I am going to do it once every spring after pine pollen season ends. :nice:
  12. wow, thats a good write up :nice: almost seems useless to write mine now.

    i did not pull the entire cowl cover off, just moved it out of the way.
  13. DiMora - thanks much for the write up and pics - great!! That's why this site is so valuable to us all.
  14. DiMora, can we turn your write up into a homepage article? if interested, please PM me or timeless2
  15. Sure can. Go crazy!

  16. Be sure to put your wipers in the 12 o'clock position before starting...it will make the job a lot easier (and you won't cause any damage to the cowling as you pull it off)...trust me, I didn't do that the first time and I wish I had.
  17. Dimora,

    Thanks for the great pics and info. My 08 GT Convertible has a two piece cowl and comes off after removing two screws that go thru a plastic type clip. I moved the wipers to the 12 o'clock position which did help with the install.

    I was fairly careful about getting the plastic pins out of the grommets on the underside of the cowl, since they are similar to plastic body parts on my motorcycle......but, the small one on the right corner of the windshield broke. They are very small, cheap and can break easily! I have superglue and epoxy drying right now. I think it will work. If not, I don't think a new cowl half will be too expensive.

    Both of my local auto parts stores, Autozone and O'reilly's had no filter in stock but can order them within two days. I'll probably go by Ford tomorrow to pick one up. The price should be around $21. With 16K on the GT, the filter was pretty dirty. I bought it with 15K from a Ford dealer who did an oil change when they took it in, but obviously did not check the filter. My manual says to replace at 15K.

    Update: My local Ford dealer did not have a filter in stock. The parts guy said "Not many people replace or even have them." I got mine from O'reilly's for $10.69. The epoxy and superglue worked to repair the small tab on the far right.
  18. Yea I replaced mine a couple weeks ago. My 06 GT has 48k on it and i dont think it was ever replaced before me, it was nasty. quick simple 5 minute job and i was done, wipers did not interfere with the cowl on mine either.