Exhaust 2006 Mustang GT in an Accident, need new muffler?

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  1. I know there's tons of posts out there that I've read already but I'm only getting more confused. I've been pretty happy with the existing stock mufflers on my 2006 GT especially when I added the COI(I have a Air Rair COI kit and tune from Brenspeed as well). That being said the price I've been quoted both from the bodyshop and a seperate dealer was about $490 canadian for a single stock ford muffler. Insurance wants replace the single muffler with no name OEM muffler - wouldn't this potentially cause backflow/pressure issues?
    Nevertheless I really would rather either stock or "upgrading" (they'll still pay the same amount no matter which mufflers I choose) do you have any suggestions? I was thinking about the Flowmasters (American Thunder) - I don't want anything too too much louder than stock but maybe something that's a little deeper, throatier in sound and that doesn't cost a fortune. If anyone is reading this and has some spare time and doesn't mind offering their suggestions I'd really appreciate it.
  2. For 100$ I bought on Craigslist a Ford Racing Mufflers that were like new and bolted on myself.. I would suggest looking there for OEM or Racing OEM first.. I see them on CL often and dirt cheap. which side you need? or both?
  3. Nothing worse than drone inside your car. Not cheap but go with Corsa cat back. Did it two years ago and wish I did it with past Mustangs I've owed. Passengers think my car is just plain stock but when you hit it, I get the same responce....Holy S&$*%# ! !!
  4. I get that passenger effect with the my Ford Racing Stinger Axle-Back Exhaust, as I say, got on Craigslist.. Maybe Las Vegas is a lucky state for me with CL
    I like the fact there is no Drone...
    Still pinch myself when I think I got them for just $100


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  5. i just checked Edmonton, Canada Craigslist.... you seems to have no love there...
  6. Matty, check out stangmods.com. I bought asset of MAC axle backs for $291 shipped. They have just about anything you would want and shipping is fast and always FREE!! Good luck buddy
  7. I have a GT Passenger side laying here you can have lol, just pay for the mail :p