2006 Mustang Gt Premium...my First Stang!!!

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  1. So the 2007 Camry has been traded in...
    I am absolutely blown away by this Mustang. I am in insurance and one of my clients owns a custom auto/service center. My guys took a good long look at it and said "Dude you just bought yourself a brand new car"
    It is so clean it's really ridiculous for a 2006. I just bought it yesterday :)
    Here are some of the details and mods it has currently:
    2006 Mustang GT Premium (Automatic)
    35K Miles
    Ford Solar Tint Windows (don't know if those come stock or are an add-on)
    Resonator Delete
    Flowmaster Axleback 40 Series
    Rims (have to look them up)
    MGP Caliper Covers
    Cervini Ram Air Hood
    Quarter Window Louvers (not sure of specific model/manufacturer)
    Racing Stripes (someone called them ghost stripes?)
    K&N 69-3523KP Typhoon Air Intake Kit, Short Ram, Polished

    There are so many things I could do with this car.

    The Flowmaster has a really nice rumble...
    So many ideas/plans are swirling...but I am still just soaking in this car. It's so freaking awesome. I could just drive for hours and hours on end.
    Will put up some photos
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  2. Looks Great! I have a 2006 Mustang GT that I bought new and now it has 230,000 miles. So you have plenty of life left in that!
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  3. Congrats! Nice Stang. Got yourself a gem.
    Bought my 2005 GT brand sparkling new. It's got 108500+ miles on the odo and still running like new.
    Enjoy that badness!
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  4. That's a nice ride with some nice additions on it. Love the rims and have MGP caliper covers myself. Yes and cold air intake would definitely but a great addition! Nice man! :cool::nice:
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  5. Beautiful Mustang you have there very nice! Great find and I really like those bullit wheels and those MGP caliper covers thumbs up. Definitely check out the forums here to give you some ideas. What are your plans for mods?
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  6. congrats on the new ride. Looks real clean. I just bought a 2011 and couldn't be happier myself.
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  7. Thank you for the kind words! First Post Updated

    K&N Air Intake ... Check.
    -Makes a world of difference, so worth it. Will post some pics.

    I have a long list of desired mods. Some with questions. Let's start with Headers.
    My current exhaust set up is as follows:
    Stock Headers
    Resonator Delete
    Axle Back Flowmaster 40's

    I have been doing some research into long vs short tube headers. Want to get your opinions.
    (I do plan on supercharging down the road for sure)
    Sound-wise, which are better? Performance?
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  8. Not yet! Looking at supercharging so would definitely get a tune at that point.
  9. It's since been sold but I did my 2006 GT premium AUTO as follows...
    Bassani catted x pipe (also comes with off road inserts)
    FRPP stingers
    JLT cold air/SCT tune by Evolution performance
    BMR radiator support
    Coast aluminum driveshaft (huge and cheap mod)

    car went 14.0 @ 98 best bone stock
    13.18 @ 105.9 with the above on the factory 18 inch bullitt style wheels and tires
    people have questioned my times in the past so to be fair I am east coast and run and Cecil County MD where you can easily get a -600 DA day from November on.

    If nothing else right now watch how that car wakes ups with a 1 piece aluminum driveshaft compared to the factory 2 piece. If a had drag radials I would have broke 12s with that damn near 106 mph
  10. Congrats!! Enjoy