2006 Mustang Gt Premium...my First Stang!!!

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  1. So the 2007 Camry has been traded in...
    I am absolutely blown away by this Mustang. I am in insurance and one of my clients owns a custom auto/service center. My guys took a good long look at it and said "Dude you just bought yourself a brand new car"
    It is so clean it's really ridiculous for a 2006. I just bought it yesterday :)
    Here are some of the details and mods it has currently:
    2006 Mustang GT Premium (Automatic)
    35K Miles
    Ford Solar Tint Windows (don't know if those come stock or are an add-on)
    Resonator Delete
    Flowmaster Exhaust (have to look up the specific model)
    Rims (have to look them up)
    MGP Caliper Covers
    Ram Air Hood (not sure of specific model/manufacturer)
    Quarter Window Louvers (not sure of specific model/manufacturer)
    Racing Stripes (someone called them ghost stripes?)
    Engine is completely stock currently

    There are so many things I could do with this car.
    I have a K&N Short Ram that we will be installing on Saturday. Stoked about that.
    The Flowmaster has a really nice rumble...Althouh I feel like this might be one of the quieter options they have. Not complaining!!!
    So many ideas/plans are swirling...but I am still just soaking in this car. It's so freaking awesome. I could just drive for hours and hours on end.
    Will put up some photos
  2. Looks Great! I have a 2006 Mustang GT that I bought new and now it has 230,000 miles. So you have plenty of life left in that!
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  3. Congrats! Nice Stang. Got yourself a gem.
    Bought my 2005 GT brand sparkling new. It's got 108500+ miles on the odo and still running like new.
    Enjoy that badness!
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  4. That's a nice ride with some nice additions on it. Love the rims and have MGP caliper covers myself. Yes and cold air intake would definitely but a great addition! Nice man! :cool::nice:
  5. Beautiful Mustang you have there very nice! Great find and I really like those bullit wheels and those MGP caliper covers thumbs up. Definitely check out the forums here to give you some ideas. What are your plans for mods?
  6. congrats on the new ride. Looks real clean. I just bought a 2011 and couldn't be happier myself.