2006 V6 Automatic Transmission

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  1. I have a new 2006 V6 (Southern California Special) with an automatic transmission. The shifts are a little mushy for my taste. I would like to modify the shifting to give the trans a sharper shift. Several years ago, I had a shift kit installed in my 1969 Torino (C6 trans). It improved the shifting greatly. Is anything out there for my 2006? Thanks.

  2. Order a SCT X-Cal2 from Lidio at Alternative Auto (www.alternativeauto.com)... ask him to give you V6 John's Barbaric Shift settings... LOL! While Doug's tune are very good, I believe when it comes to the automatic Lidio is the top guy...
  3. With the tuning cable available, you can manage your own shift seetings, firmness and schedule (along with timing, tire size, speed govern, etc). The program can be downloaded from the SCT site. $50 for the cable, worth it IMO.

  4. Your thinking of the X-Cal... the X-Cal2 uses a standard USB printer type cable... With Extreme Tune software you can change the shift schedule... now the options are there to increase the shift firmness but they don't work...
  5. Ahhh, I didnt know the XCal 2 was so much different. I have the XCal 1, I assumed they would have had the same features if not more. My bad, sorry guys.
  6. "V6 John's Barbaric Shift"

    I love that. I bet the first time Lidio heard that on the phone, he was like what the hell.

  7. Naw... "barbaric" was actually his term... we were out test drving my car one day... talking about the transmission stuff... and Lidio says "I can make them as firm as you want... I can make them barbaric" So I immediately said "GIVE ME BARBARIC!" LOL! And he did! So now it's kind of a running joke... V6 John's Barbaric Shift settings...
  8. Has there been any problems with the trannys when programmed to shift hard? I know with my old 3-speed autos the shift kits would extend the life of them.
  9. I've been running mine with the hard shifts for about 13,000 miles now... no problems so far...

    I know nothing about automatic trannys... I thought just the opposite.. that hard shifting would be hard on the tranny... then Lidio explained that the hard shifting means the belts aren't slipping so like you pointed it out it's actually better for the tranny... LOL
  10. Thank you very much. I'm having fun!:)
  11. Thank you very much. I'm having fun!
  13. The shift points can easily be vastly improved with a programmed tune using a device such as an XCal2. This can do much more than improving shifting, but that is one of the things it will take care of. A huge difference is noticed this way. My personal preference is Brenspeed.com. You can get the tuner and his preprogrammed tunes for three grades of gas. Should be the first performance mod you do. Most add a cold air intake (CAI) when they do this mod, but it is not required.

    There are other good options and sources for a tuner and preprogrammed tunes.
  14. Thank you very much!:nice: